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 Me too please. Same size.
 Aren't these only ~500 new even with the crappy dollar?
 Would love to see a quick sketch of how you put the front frame in, very much enjoying the small chamfer between all the joints.
Anyone have any recommendations for a collar to try with a bit higher band? Am using a fairly standard BD collar atm, and would like to keep it that way, but wondering if anyone has a collar they have on file at Luxire.
 026 has a wider toe, rest seems fairly similar. I have a pair of those Readings from a while ago in 10.5G that I don't want, if that's your size.
 If it's the pair I'm thinking of, they are only running these guys about $150AUD.
 Standard last is fairly generous, if you're on the border of F and G normally, stick with F. 
Any idea of pricing for the Luxire jackets?
 They're billing in AUD now, seems to be similar price to other portals.
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