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Lads I've got some shoes for sale that you might be interested in, would much prefer to sell within AU.
5 Pairs of gently used shoes for sale. Based in AU, prefer to ship within AU, but happy to entertain international bids. AU shipping capped at $15 per pair express post.   C&J for RL Marlow Pennies, 11US, fit 10UK. Brown Cordovan. Have had a suede heel patch sewn in. Built like tanks, too small for me sadly. Retail is $1250 US, often seen for ~400US. 300AUD.   RMW Chelseas, 10G (10UK, regular width). Chisel Last. Black Suede. Comfort insole and rubber sole....
Leaves, any chance of a CS high-boot using the skin stitch derby pattern?
 I've found Soller wide in the forefoot, narrow in the heel, so I don't know if it's the best last for chelseas. That said, I took my normal size in a pair of chukkas and have been very happy.
 It can be 'finish ready', which means machinging, planing then applying finish, rather than machining, sanding, finishing (which raises the fibres of the timber as they are abraded, rather than cut), sanding, refinishing, etc. Tends to reduce the chance of splinters too, as far as I know.
Been investing in MJB stock Oli?
 You can, if you fit the sizing they offer. Suit Supply carries full size runs of both short and long in addition to the regular fittings though.
 Too expensive these days. CR/Trenery have some out on deep discount atm which might suit.
 That seems overly expensive for tailoring. I think I paid $40 for a similar set of alterations about two months ago.
It's Horween. It's stamped the same way regular scotchgrain calf is. Ron has commented he could probably source more if he wanted to, although how that would hold up with the 'shell shortage' I don't know.
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