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Any idea of pricing for the Luxire jackets?
 They're billing in AUD now, seems to be similar price to other portals.
That reminds me, I still need to post up some photos of the jacket I had made by them a year or so back, was their first leather jacket iirc.
 Coles stocks Kiwi.
 In store, I believe.
 Quickest will probably be an AU stockist, Double Monk or Oscar Hunt. Best price will be through Valmour https://www.valmour.com/
 Saphir or this stuff from a forum affiliate, I believe. http://glenkarencare.com/gkcp/
 Would be an excellent option at 99, if they were priced at 99, what would a jacket cost from the same fabric? Would be good for workhorse suits, imo
 Whatever you like. I've done zip fly, single button at top with two metal catches to close the waistband, but you can specify whatever you want.
 Be interested to see some better photos of this. Looks good, but something feels off through the shoulders and waist of the coat?
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