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My waist is 31 inches measured. I think Levi's is vanity sized by 1 though so my sized 31 Levi's that i get is like a 32 inch waist and I just wear a belt with it to keep it up. Okay, that's what I was thinking too but I keep reading that the skinny guys are like SUPER skinny. (not sure if they meant more so than levi's 511's though). Thanks for your help! :)
Haha okay! Well I kinda meant like which cut (SG or WG) is most like levis 511 and if they differ how so? My thigh is about 21.5" around. 31" waist. 13.5" calf. Thanks for your help! :)
Hello everyone, So I'm looking to possibly buy a pair of naked and famous. I like my levis 511 (i wear a size 31x30). What fit would be most like that? Going for a 31 skinny guy or  29 or 30 weird guy? Thanks for your guys help! and sorry if this has been answered before.
I can't wait to start wearing the crap out of mine now and hope mine get anything close to something like that xD  
Maybe you're right. How do you even measure your thighs I just measured straight around one of my thighs like slightly lower than my ass, and I found my thigh to be 22" around. But my size 31 weird guys which are supposed to have around 11.75" thighs were pretty skin tight across which shouldn't be the case cause 11.75 times 2 is what like 23.5" around supposedly. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but yeah I was surprised when they actuallly clung to my skin. Granted...
Just got my naked and famous weird guy indigo/indigo. size 31. thighs a little snug. hows the fit look? sorry for shitty lighting and pic.   If you can even tell from the photo that is ><.  
        I've owned about 20+ different pairs of Naked & Famous jeans, and in my experience *most* Naked & Famous models with "normal" denim seem to have minimal variation between them. There are exceptions to this rule though: anything with a double-weave fabric (linen blend, blanket-lined) tends to run a size smaller, and there are certain oddball models.   You do make a valid point! I am not saying that I want skin tight jeans by any means. If you look at one of my...
I think my waist is like a little less than 32" but I just say 32 to make it easier usually. I do have slightly thicker thighs probably a little less than 22" all the way around from running and biking and what not. But yeah I just asked Jay from Blue Owl about the 30's that he has and they were 32.45 " waist. Probably too big for me especially after stretching im guessing? Im thinking i should just wait for the 29s as well.
Yeah I would say the 30's would fit me better right off the bat probably. But I was thinking that I should get a waist size smaller to account for stretch? Or do people usually buy it true to their waist size? (sorry this is going to be my first pair of jeans from N+F, and raw denim in general for that matter)
I think I'm a size 29... I know when I looked I was like wow they have all the sizes except the one that I wanted. But I did email him to hopefully get the exact measurements of some of the size 30's maybe some of them will run smaller than the general size they put on the page. I'm generally around a 31-32" waist for reference.   @datniche do you have any size 29's?
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