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Me Mam always told me, if you've got nothing Nice to say then..........  Wait for someone else to say it, then Agree :)
On fleabay, anything that's had the tags removed is Vintage....... or even worse Retro
I think this is just a generic thing across the board, New Shoes - christening/blooding etc... Not an exclusively skinhead thing, just a youth thing across the decades. Dunno if It's still done, with the generation of Metrosexuals kicking about.
I'd agree, Sunglasses Case in top pocket.   Nice to see some more quality Snaps.
No, its a new filem (as us northerner say) Been about 5 years in the making, and a considerably better offering than Soulboy. I'm pretty sure there will be a torrent for it, and Im sure I saw it in Tescos for £8.00 Im sure you will enjoy it (even if it is a little late into the scene 74)
Its just out on the cinema, but I got it on dvd from Amazon. Pretty sure its on Virgin on demand, not sure about sky though.
New Posts  All Forums: