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Maybe we should welcome the new "Soul Vision".     Sorry Pal, couldn't resist.   Nice find and welcome aboard :)
Looks a carbon copy of a Lee Rider Trucker. Northern Skins anall that.
That's Wigan for you!!!
 Havent had a listen yet, but I will do and see what I think. The one you thought was cigarette ashes, is really bugging me. May have to get my record box out.
Didn't see this lol. Mostly there or there abouts, but I don't think its Cigarette Ashes,
Had a quick listen through the Torch/Mecca episode whilst Teas cooking, and this is the best I can come up with off hand.     I've omitted Take That & Madonna, whilst colin curtis was talking, and I have no doubt you knew those tracks :)   1 - Clara Ward - The Right Direction 2 - Inez & Charlie Foxx - (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count The Days 3 - Exus Trek - Luther Ingram Orchestra 4 - Doni Burdick - Bari Track 5 - Eddie Parker - Love you Baby 6 - NF Porter -Keep On Keeping On 7...
I'll take a listen when I have 5 mins (or 2 hours ;) ) and see what I can do for you.
Ill have a listen later on Paul, see if I can list them all for you. Just the Wheel, Torch/Mecca or are you interested in the Disco, sorry Wigan one too :) Happy New year to Y'all too.
  Quite a few good flicks along with this one Ed, nice find. These 2 lads are in more than one.
Me Mam always told me, if you've got nothing Nice to say then..........  Wait for someone else to say it, then Agree :)
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