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Thank Fuck for that!!!!!!!! Welcome Back Young Man, you've bin Missed.
Yeah, the Headlands a lovely place. Unfortunately they all have 6 Fingers over there.   The only one I've ever watched was the "Mod" One tbh Suzie, shame really because if I hadn't seen it, I may have watched the rest of them.
I've not watched The GG Episode, as I am still scared by the Mod/Northern Episode from a few years back. I'm lead to believe that the "Skinhead" one was filmed in Hartlepool (as was the other one), and also that they were playing The Hotknives for the Skinheads. Another thing 20 years out of date!!!!   As you say, its like watching Heatbeat. Fine for a bit of Sunday night entertainment, but terrible if you're looking for accuracy, thought provoking drama or riveting...
I wouldn't go that far 😳but just a little insight.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 Pretty Much what happened to me (Although I was already a Young Skinhead of sorts, but hadn't a clue). I Thought I was the only one, until I crossed paths with a Few lads from around the North East. They were all in their 20's (ish) and I'll have been 12 or so. If I hadn't have met these lads (Some on here) I'd have never learned anything about the original scene, and there is no chance I'd have been a Skinhead for as Long as I was. I certainly wouldn't have been the...
He does like to "borrow" a riff or two though, doesn't he? Start and Changing Man being the ones that really spring to mind.
Northern Mod's anall that. There's a few books on 70's mods kicking about, and quite a bit of history on the Modropheniacs. A lot of whom carried on calling themselves mods right throughout the 70's, even in Flares!
I think they may be Trainers as opposed to Bowling Shoes. Pretty sure it was mention earlier on in the thread.
That looks like a very, VERY bad photoshop jobbie.Can't see this as genuine. Looks like a Baracuta jacket, possibly a mishmash of their range (or left overs)
Lets not forget "I'm Gonna Change" too.   Possibly the best of the Bunch.
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