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I just wish that LVC would stop making Dates up and sticking them on their clothes though. None of the years they use, have any similarities in fit nor cut to what they are supposed to be representative of.   Rant over.....   Before I start on the denim, thread and stitch 
I could take that in the wrong way tha kna's 
I'll accept apologies in writing, sms, email or in person thanks.......    Aye, I remember all the neysayers!!!!   As I pointed out at the time (not in 1972!!!). Gay lad's who were Skinheads, not Gay Skinheads, which is something much more sinister.   I wondered how long, before these hit the forum, after being discovered.   Case Closed I'd say.
They're stunning Mate. Any more info or pics? I only realised last month when I had a funeral to go to, that amongst my shoe collection, I do not own one pair in Black!!!
Local to me (and a few others on here) and I'd say it is 1980 at the very earliest,  but I'd go as far to say even a year or so later.
I think its a Sportique not a GS ;)
 ©Instead of (c). Thought you might prefer it :)
Do you wanna borrow a one of these © Paul? ;) Congrats on your Anniversary.
Thought this was one of the better pictures to grace the press in recent years, apologies for the rest of the content of this Rag.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3205938/The-streets-Cilla-called-home-Fascinating-archive-shots-Liverpool-s-Scotland-Road-star-growing-up.html#i-e4b9516f5989940f
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