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Double Denim, Turn Ups, Parka's, Creases in Jeans, Suit Jackets/Jeans Combo's..... - The Northern Contingency   Excellent Pics.
We must all have a "friend" like this.
It's a TV not an LI, judging by the disc brake and front dampers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 Pure Class from the North East Brethren. Thanks Inspector
I'm still investigating this whole thing Suzie, however from what I can gather. Mike Dow had something to do with an article on Gay Skinheads in the early 70's. But its been quite a task to find very much about it. However, it has somewhat confirmed that they are closer to the age that I (and quite a few others) had always thought.
  Not to detract from the "Bulldog Vibe" of the Thread, but that's a Boxer.
Thank Fuck for that!!!!!!!! Welcome Back Young Man, you've bin Missed.
Yeah, the Headlands a lovely place. Unfortunately they all have 6 Fingers over there.   The only one I've ever watched was the "Mod" One tbh Suzie, shame really because if I hadn't seen it, I may have watched the rest of them.
I've not watched The GG Episode, as I am still scared by the Mod/Northern Episode from a few years back. I'm lead to believe that the "Skinhead" one was filmed in Hartlepool (as was the other one), and also that they were playing The Hotknives for the Skinheads. Another thing 20 years out of date!!!!   As you say, its like watching Heatbeat. Fine for a bit of Sunday night entertainment, but terrible if you're looking for accuracy, thought provoking drama or riveting...
I wouldn't go that far 😳but just a little insight.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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