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I could take that in the wrong way tha kna's 
I'll accept apologies in writing, sms, email or in person thanks.......    Aye, I remember all the neysayers!!!!   As I pointed out at the time (not in 1972!!!). Gay lad's who were Skinheads, not Gay Skinheads, which is something much more sinister.   I wondered how long, before these hit the forum, after being discovered.   Case Closed I'd say.
They're stunning Mate. Any more info or pics? I only realised last month when I had a funeral to go to, that amongst my shoe collection, I do not own one pair in Black!!!
Local to me (and a few others on here) and I'd say it is 1980 at the very earliest,  but I'd go as far to say even a year or so later.
I think its a Sportique not a GS ;)
 ©Instead of (c). Thought you might prefer it :)
Do you wanna borrow a one of these © Paul? ;) Congrats on your Anniversary.
Thought this was one of the better pictures to grace the press in recent years, apologies for the rest of the content of this Rag.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3205938/The-streets-Cilla-called-home-Fascinating-archive-shots-Liverpool-s-Scotland-Road-star-growing-up.html#i-e4b9516f5989940f
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