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Have I missed something???
Do you recall what sizes and prices Paul?
The epitome of cool.................. the Lambretta that is.
I can stop researching Traffic cones now Inspector.   We knew it was anyway, didn't we
Get it patented!!!! That's PATENTED not painted, because that would just run ;)
I always thought it was electricians tape, but you could be right about Velcro. At least his Mum could wash it without fear that way ;)
Sounds like an LD to me.   Pre 60's.
If it was an LD, it will have been no later than 57 (ish) Possibly an LI. (LD's bloody 'orrible things)   Either way, its great scooter riding weather.
And the lack of dinner, helped you squeeze into them too I bet.
  Not sure, as the Group Picture is Allegedly Gateshead 1969
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