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If you're one of those people that hates typing on a touchscreen, the Droid Pro is pretty good - screen is smaller than other android phones, but for me the keyboard makes it an acceptable tradeoff.
The one caveat to do doing science/engineering is that there will be heavy pressure for you to do patent law if you go to a firm of any size. If you want to do it, great. But if you find you like something else such as securities, white collar crime, etc., you'll have to convince the IP partners that you have no interest in patent law. Don't know what it will be like by the time you have a law degree, but demand should continue to be high - to give you an idea, Quinn...
If you're good you can still lateral transfer to a biglaw firm as an associate - Quite a few people I work with didn't graduate from top 20 schools. But to be fair, they are the exception rather than the rule - having a degree from Harvard/Stanford/Yale/etc. is the norm. I think people tend to underestimate how the sheer number of hours combined with the stress can affect you. I don't have the numbers off the top of my head but 10 hours a day is about the minimum you have...
I know for guys it varies a lot because of military service - other than that I have no idea.
The first two Shannara series (by Terry Brooks) were pretty good. The first 10 or so Xanth books are good for some laughs and an interesting take on a fantasy world. His later books...are a completely different story. David Eddings, who someone mentioned earlier, is pretty much pure fluff. Enjoyable, but fluff nonetheless. Anne Mccaffrey's PERN series is a bit more SF oriented than fantasy, but still a good read (at least the earlier ones...) A common theme overall...
Also, for any of you planning on trying to read it, if you can get through four chapters a day you'll be done in under a year.
those boring books of family lines, laws, and building specs are awesome...when you need a sleep aid.
L&W ftw
Paul Allen needs to get together with Phil Knight and convince LeBron to come to Portland - presto, 10 straight championships.
Pretty good. It wasn't typical Ricky Gervais British humor, but still enjoyable overall. And Tea Leoni certainly looks good for her age.
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