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They were a lot darker, almost black...
A year ago, I stumbled across a pair of dark-grey John Lobb when I was home in Germany... basically the same as my museum brown John Lobb, just as a very dark grey.   I cant seem to find them online... so maybe someone here knows a source, or has them for sale? - Size 7UK
I usually wear watches with leather watchbands (since my watches all come with such... A. Lange&Söhne and some other Glashütte watches), but since I moved to Singapore, I find myself not wearing a watch anymore for two reasons:   (i) the leather band stains my shirts when I sweat (which tends to happen in this climate), and (ii) the leather bands start to spoil and have to be replaced.   Does anyone know a good alternative that works in tropical climate and...
Thanks ;) I am already on the lookout for another 2 or 3 pairs, but I just dont like most of the "normal" browns...
Yes, Lobb... and actually my first brown shoe ;) - I work as a lawyer and usually dress rather conservative, but got bored of black shoes and really like those.   (Actually, I also fell in love with a very dark grey-black pattern John Lobb shoe, but not available in my size, and I guess I would probably end up wearing them with jeans... )
So I just bought a new pair of shoes... but am now wondering what to wear with them ;)   Do you think a dark-navy suit will work? (They actually look darker than in the picture...)  
Yes, its still available.
Or make an offer.
Please make an offer.
Or make offer.
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