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Do you have measurements?
Looking for suits size 44/46/48. Shoulders 20", chest 22-24"
  Not opposed to pleats
I'm looking for a light grey suit, size 40.   Shoulders: 18.5" Sleeves: 25-26" Chest 21" Waist: 32"
I'm on the hunt for a nice tuxedo: 40/41R, shoulders 18.5", chest 21", sleeves 25" It must have a peak or shawl lapel Waist is 32", inseam 32" If anyone has anything, let me know...
Looking to build my suit collection. PM me with any suits you're looking to sell this size   Waist: 34 Shoulders: 18.5 Inseam: 32
I'm on the lookout for 40-42L suits (19" shoulders, 25" sleeves, 35" waist") and shoes sizes 11.5   PM me if you have anything!
If these were a 12" they'd be mine!
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