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Yes, KG. 
My arms have stretched out and I can low-bar squat now. Not sure which I prefer, but I'll stick to low-bar because my hero Rip advocates it. I've been increasing my lifts every workout. Now that I can low-bar, I can probably be more aggressive with the increases.   Squat: 20x5x2, 25x5, 27.5x5, 30x5x3 Bench press: 20x5x2, 25x5, 30x5x3 Deadlift: 35x5x1, 40x5, 45x5 Do you guys start your DL warm up at 135 pounds? My work set today was 45 kg (100 lb). Because I'm...
Thanks for the link. Yes, I understand how to put the bar in the correct position. However, my upper arms aren't flexible enough to remain in this position for more than one set, not without straining my muscles to the point where I can't press afterwards. My sedentary lifestyle for the last few years probably as something to do with it.    I think I'll continue to squat using the high-bar position. I haven't added weight yet as I was hoping to get the low-bar technique...
I finally started lifting two weeks ago. My press, bench press, and deadlift technique are OK. However, I'm experiencing difficulty squatting using the low bar position. My upper arms and shoulders are not flexible enough. My hero Rip says I should stretch out over a couple of weeks. I haven't really noticed any improvement yet. Is there anything else I can do?
Going to Melbourne for the weekend. Any good places for shoes? I'm after a basic derby or oxford between $200-300.
I like pic 3. Where is it from?
As somebody that loves to cook from scratch, calorie counting is a depressing bitch.
Edit: NM.
    Please explain. In SS Rip states 3500-6000 calories a day, 1g protein per pound of bodyweight as a good starting point. Obviously I don’t know shit, so I’d like to hear (see?) your thoughts. Is it the fat and lack of protein? I’m just under 124 pounds.
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