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thx 2 that dude whenever I express an interest in oly lifting to family/friends they all warn me about the horrible injuries.   Ordered some pole dancing lotion yesterday:  
Hit a brick wall today. Couldn't even repeat my workout from Monday (50x5x3). Press stalled. Put my calories up to 3k.
Out of the four universities near me I think one has squat stands.
I'm at 59.2kg now. That's about 1 pound (or .5kg) a week. I've started becoming hungry between meals (I eat 3 big meals and a post-workout shake). Squat keeps going up.   Typical day:   2 x fried eggs, a tomato, a bacon rasher, and 2 x wholemeal toast Orange   Chicken sandwich (200g chicken breast) Mayonnaise 25g sultanas   Banana smoothie (1 cup milk, banana, whey, honey, peanut butter)   Chilli con carne 50g rice 50g avocado   150g...
After my deadlift today I decided to try racking the bar and stretching into the rack position for the power clean. I discovered that I was previously racking the bar too low, hence why I was having trouble lifting my elbows. Because I don't have much meat on my bones, the bar sits right at the base of my neck. I tried a few exercises from SS, e.g. 'jumping' with the bar sitting mid-thigh and getting it onto my shoulders. The empty bar feels a bit heavy for me but I...
Not sure about picture. I could try on Friday. Yes, I have trouble getting my elbows up. My forearms are also longer than my upper arms.
Wider grip doesn't help. What kind of exercises do you recommend? At the moment I am doing shoulder dislocations and arm circles. I think my triceps and wrists are the problem areas.
  Fuji are you an American studying in the UK? It's crazy you guys get eggs from overseas.
When I work out I share the gym with this one woman, probably in her 30s. On Friday she came in acting twitchy and kept bragging about how she was "jacked" and I was like WTF are you on about? She's pretty nice most of the time, though totally clueless. She's been training for nearly 8 months and can only squat 30kg. I watched her deadlift the other day (~50kg) and she places the bar in front of her toes, and then proceeds to lift with her back fully round.   I tried...
Week 4 now. First few weeks was all about technique. Luckily I work out at the same time as this Leangains chick. She's a bit nuts, but OK for form check. I wanted to low-bar because I just wanted to go by the book. Like you said, there's so much information out there it can be overwhelming, so I try to keep it simple. I'm eating 2700 kcal a day with a ratio around 30/40/30. My starting bodyweight was only 123 lb, so ~200g protein seems fine. I'm sore, but not sore...
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