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Anybody watching 56 kg oly lifting today? How are these guys so light yet so strong?
Yes I've got the book. I guess I'll keep revising over the material. From memory, there is another flat bench which I could use with the power rack. I can't remember if it was higher. You're right about the starting weight issue. Even in SS, Rippetoe talks about underweight kids at 140 or 150 pounds. I started at 120. I've been inactive since high school (24 years old now) so my general fitness level is shocking. One upside though, I played a lot of sport through school...
Work set was a bit sloppy. Right shoulder loosened out of position. I don't think you can see this.
So, in conclusion, you feel like I have no control over the bar due to poor technique and lack of mass? Is that what you mean? How can I get my squat to feel like a leg press while standing?
You're right about the hips — it doesn't feel like I'm incorporating the posterior chain as well I could. I can see a potential problem with trying to drive my elbows under the bar due to inflexibility, but I have been doing exercises to improve this so I'll give it a go next time. My left shoulder is a bit sore from the bench press, but I'll save that for another post.   Re neck: do you think I'm looking too far up or down? Re stuck: I repeated my work out today instead...
I see two things wrong with my first work set:   1. Squatting ass-to-grass 2. Descending too quickly   I tried correcting this in my last work set:   Any pointers?
Correct me if wrong bros, but don't think we could drink milk either. 
Should be fixed now.
Couldn't record my squat. Did get overhead press and deadlift though:   Only managed four and two reps for the last two sets. 2.5 kg jumps for press is getting too heavy.   I've been getting a sore lower back again. Not sure if weak or related to technique. I experienced lower back pain before training which I suspect is the result of spending 10 hours a day sitting.
Can see why my hero Rip recommends eating 6000 calories/day, GOMAD. I weigh 62.2 kg now. Eating 3750, 4000 on weekends, squat nearly stalling again even though I gained 1.4 kg (3 pounds) this week. At 55 kg squat, bar speed was painfully slow on last 3-4 reps. Scared to squat tomorrow. Doesn't help when gym bro puts this song on half way through my work set:     Tried eating 1000 calorie breakfast followed by glass of milk the other day and spent an hour sitting...
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