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The first pair looks too formal for denim. I think you're right about the second pair. The third pair might be OK with jeans. I think you should look into something more casual though, like a brogue or chukka.
Got the brogues.    Gingers stock Loake now too, starting from $299. They looked fantastic. How much does DJs sell them for?
Do Loake run true-to-size? I got my feet measured using a brannock and I'm a EU 42. Would a UK 8 be OK?   Also, what are Tyler shoes like? Gingers has these brogues reduced from $349 to $149.   Made in Spain, full stitched sole.
Are there any good cheap suit options in retail stores here if I do decide to get something more formal? I will keep an eye on op shops. What about places like Myer, DJs? Could I get a charcoal suit under $500?   It feels more like spring or autumn here at the moment though I'd prefer a jacket of some kind. Looks more put together, especially if I have to put on a tie.
Newbie question:   Would the Loake Aldwych (or any black oxford shoe for that matter) be too formal for a tieless outfit like this:   Jacket Pants White shirt, no tie, black belt. I know most people here will say wear a suit for a job interview no matter the position, but I feel that may be over the top for some of the positions I am applying for. Particularly if I start applying for blue-collar work.
In Perth unfortunately. Only option I know of around here is Gingers.
  Look perfect. Bit over my budget though. My main concern is getting the wrong size and having to ship it back. Could turn out incredibly expensive. I'm usually a EU 42, UK 8-8.5. Would I be safe ordering that size?   No business formal occasions. I'm 24, haven't finished my university education. Probably will return next year. I have one very old suit from high school which needs replacing. The types of jobs I'm going for: retail, sales, marketing assistant, mac...
I posted here a while back. I'm normally a streetwear guy but I'm after a basic black derby or oxford shoe for job interviews, formal occasions, etc. Previously people here recommended I go to DJs, try on the shoes, then order online. What stores do you guys use? My budget is around $200. Will I get anything decent for that price or should I stick to Florsheim until I get more money/a job? What should I look for in a shoe? My previous pair were brogues from Florsheim...
I am Rip. Just checkin' out some raw denim in classifieds.
holy crap did any1 see Zoe Smith yesterday? Nearly took out the judges in third snatch attempt.
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