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  How is this on the official NBA web site?   Ignore the bb.
New gym opened about 25 minutes away from me:     Thinking about checking it out. Looks less brutish than the other place. Like $800 AUD a year so wouldn't train there regularly, but might do a few 1-on-1 sessions to get some tips on my lifts.
love this shit but it's like $5/250g here 
also,   how much time a day do you guys spend preparing meals?
got post-olympic blues.   watched more TV in past 2 weeks than I have for the whole year.
I like the blue and orange, but only because most of my clothes are black and white.
I thought those in sales generally work office hours?   Seems like lots of marketing dudes here. I worked as a marketing assistant for Yelp at the beginning of the year. I don't even have a degree. Got to work from home. Was a pretty strange job.   I'm guessing not many here work in the trades and services? I've been seriously considering it instead of going back to university. Can't imagine a BA/BFA/BDes is going to be very helpful from an employment prospective.
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