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When I first started I was on the whey train, having one or two scoops a day to get my protein up to 200g or whatever. Shit is expensive here and I found it easier just to have a few extra glasses of milk and eat more meat instead.   I don't even really track my diet anymore. It was helpful initially but my diet doesn't vary too much so I know roughly what I'm eating, and go by feel. I also check the scale once a week and make sure I'm going up 1-2 pounds. I actually...
OP, do you use Facebook? I wonder if this might be beneficial in this circumstance. Might be better than dating web sites.
I bench inside the rack but I can't put the safety pins at the correct height for me because the gap between the holes is too great. They either sit too high (and get in the way during reps), or sit too low and do nothing if I failed a rep. After seeing the comments I decided not to watch the video. 
Finally got a job. Bought these to power through press plateau:   Also re warm up sets: I need like five but then again I'm weak and untrained. This is after five minutes on the bike too.
lol   how much is it? I would just put that shit down on gym membership but then again I'm poor.
Who's the strongest here? knucks, chariy, ? We should have a SF leaderboard complete with BW, lifts, and maybe a separate O-lifting board for Lagrangian and speedy so they don't feel left out.
Thinking of doing this if I get this helpdesk role with Apple. What keyboard did you get?
Man, I really want to try O-lifting.   O-lifters: Do you compete or just do it for fun? How many times a week do you train? What do you do exactly? How did you get started?
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