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edit: feel mean now. deleted.
This is where I'm at after three or so months of training. It's actually been over a four month period but I had to take 1.5 weeks off about a month ago (financial problems), so I lost weight that week and had to deload. Terrible.   BW: 56.2 -> 64 Squat: 20 -> 77.5x5x3 Press: 20 -> 41.5x5x3 Deadlift: 40 -> 85x5 Bench: 20 -> 52x5x3 Power Clean: 0 -> 32.5x3x5   I fear squatting. Ever since I got it over BW I get butterflies in my stomach before doing the...
  It depends. Is the bar travelling vertically in an imaginary straight line over your mid-foot?
Great post to start a new page. 
New job includes gym membership. 
Buy Starting Strength and read the squat chapter.
You squat like I do. Back seems too vertical for low bar position. Like fuji said, you need to sit back and get a more horizontal back angle. Also, you might find it helpful to lower your eye gaze to a position 3-4 feet in front of you instead of straight ahead.
How much do you weigh again? I thought your squat was closer to 130kg.
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