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The jacket is JL right? What does that stand for? It looks nice.  
  It's great that somebody finds his work so inherently fulfilling that he's willing for it to become his life, rather than a means to an end (a family, a hobby, etc.), but I felt an overwhelming sadness when he was pressed about his lack of relationships outside of his work. It's a massive trade-off for doing what he does and he seemed resigned to that fact. Or maybe he's concealing some terrible past experience which might explain why he broke down. I think SF'ers would...
  Like many Hotflush releases it's hard to define.
Increasingly, I find I don't listen to albums as much anymore.   Some 2011 favourites:   Battles - Gloss Drop Fennesz - Seven Stars Matthewdavid - Outmind Metronomy - The English Riviera Seekae - +Dome Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972
  Silly video, cool song.
Totally agree. Shame, The Descendants, The Artist, Martha Marcy May Marlene, My Week With Marilyn, and J Edgar all come out here over the next few months. It seems the release dates here are getting closer to the US which is good. I still haven't seen Melancholia, Drive, or We Need to Talk About Kevin, all of which are still playing here but are due for DVD release overseas soon. Now, if only I had money.  
Your right—it is an overwhelming film (sublime natural imagery, CGI, unusual jump-cut editing, etc.), but I think it's done purposefully. Here he a quote for the The Thin Red Line at GreenCine Daily which I think could equally apply to The Tree of Life:   I think this provides a good starting point for approaching this film. It's hard not too get too intellectual about it. I'm unsure of the religious references, or what the ending was really about, but in the end, I...
There doesn't seem to be much reaction from those watching.
  I'm so glad I had the chance to see this in the cinema. I'd imagine it less profound watching it on DVD. You know, a criticism commonly voiced about movies in general (and TV especially) is the passivity and lack of imagination on part of the viewer. However, and admittedly this is a rare case, while watching The Tree of Life I was often reflecting on events that happened in my own childhood, and this continued after seeing the film too.   I didn't see many other new...
Hello, long time lurker from sunny Perth, Western Australia. Not too many options when it comes to clothing here. 23 years old, trying to get my life back together.   Happy NYE.
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