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I’m not after the crazy prints. I just want plain-coloured oxfords that fit similar. Thanks for the heads up on Topman though, they ship to Australia now. It’s a pity they don’t have more plain staples. Prices are ridiculously cheap. I might just have to wait around for second-hand Gitman on the classifieds forum.   Any other recommendations for cheaper labels would be appreciated.
I’m after a few more oxfords (or other casual shirts). I really like Gitman, but I don’t have much money. Does anybody have any recommendations for cheaper labels that fit similar? I live in Australia so I’ll probably need to order online. I don’t mind using the classifieds on SF to experiment a bit… I just need to know what to be on the lookout for.
I will also consider similar shirts. It must, however, be a slim, blue oxford.   Edit: I’ll actually consider any small Gitman Vintage Brothers shirt.
I’m interested in seeing photos.
  Oh man — I’m going to get so much shit for this but… have you seen How Do You Know?
Has anybody else seen Once Upon a Time in Anatolia? I watched it purely because it won the Grand Prix at Cannes, and didn't really know anything about it beforehand. After watching it, it still feels so mysterious. I must admit, I watched it on my computer which isn't ideal for such slow and meditative material.
  Never worn anything other than sneakers. Was thinking of picking these up. Anybody heard of the brand Match Stick, and if so, what's the quality like? Price seems OK ($180 AUD).
Sorry, Midnight in Paris. 
I recently received a Kindle too and considered this. The books I have aren't worth anything anyway so I'd just be donating them to charity. I think if you see yourself potentially re-reading something in the future, then keep it. I've usually done this when trying to decide whether to buy books anyway as I use the library regularly. I think this can go for other physical media too like DVDs. If I'm going to watch a film more than once or twice a year then I'll buy it,...
I agree. Unfortunately I think this is a big issue for those that make a living doing creative work. It seems marrying an artist is marrying their work. Achieving balance seems impossible. Maybe it's why those in more conventional careers are said to be more satisfied with their lives, or maybe I'm generalizing too much.
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