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Quote: I thought the same thing until I saw them in person.
If you want an alternative to CP, check out Mors.   I can’t post screenshots because the site is flash. Think leather, European, handmade sneakers around the same price range, perhaps a little less.   Edit: Found a picture:     On sale here.
Thanks for the tip. I have a decent bookmarks folder going now so I guess it’s just a matter of waiting around. I actually bought an Our Legacy sweatshirt a few seasons back and found it big. Are their shirts similar? If a small Gitman fits me perfect, should I be leaning towards a XS with OL? They don’t provide measurements on their website.   I’m only just beginning to build my wardrobe with simple, but not too cheap basics like solid white, blue, casual shirts. I...
I’m confused. Are you looking for a brown derby shoe too, or do you think they look too formal and I should go for a different type of shoe?
Look too old? You think a brown derby with denim is for old people? I’m 23 and I’m trying to dress older!
I never considered the issue with the transfer of dye. I wear denim probably five days a week. You’d be surprised how hard it is to buy a decent pair of shoes in Perth. People here dress very, very casually. I rarely see anything other than sneakers with streetwear.
I’m looking at buying my first pair of streetwear shoes. I wear dark raw denim and chinos so I’ve always gone with sneakers. After doing some reading, I think what I’m after is a brown plain-toe derby or slip-on boat shoe. What I basically want is a casual, versatile shoe for wearing during the day. I’m in Australia so my options are limited. I have come across these Vanishing Elephant shoes on special, and they are available in my size:     They are slip-ons,...
I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to Gitman Brothers Vintage oxford shirts. I live in Australia so my options are limited. At Mr Porter they have J Crew oxfords for less than half the price of the Gitman equivalent. How are these in fit? Is it a good cheaper alternative? This is what I’m looking at:
Well, if anybody has any small Gitman shirts that they want to unload… let me know!
  They charge $45 for shipping to Australia, so it works out over $150.   What are the J Crew oxfords like? I’m guessing the quality won’t be as good… but what about the fit? I can get them dirt cheap:    
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