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  Which site(s) do you buy from?
How poor? Mors are handmade, European, leather shoes that start at $180 AUD. Website is here. Some people don’t like the detail on the heel, but I think it looks OK.
Do most of you guys train alone?
OK, just have to check with my local gym to see if they have one. Thank you.    
No, that’s why. 
Thinking of picking up these on sale:     Pretty boring, but I’m after some basics. Does anybody know what the quality of adidas SLVR is like? And has Cheap Monday remained consistent with sizing? I haven’t bought a CM top in years.
Coupon doesn’t work for me. Works out to $160 (USD) which is still the cheapest I’ve come across (including shipping).    
I’m usually a 29/30. My NS is a 28. They were tight at first, but after a few years they have stretched and feel a bit large, so I might go for 28 PS anyway.   Edit: Damn. Don’t have those either. I think a 29 would be too big. Thanks anyway! I’ll just pay the extra.
Quick question:   I’m a skinny bitch looking at starting weight training. I remember there being a thread for this on SF, but I can’t find it anymore. I’ve got a sample of Starting Strength on my Kindle which I’m going to read this weekend. My question is: Will I be able to do barbell exercises on my own or will I need a spotter? I don’t know anybody else that lifts weights.
Nice, I was about to get these from Need Supply. If only they had my size…  
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