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I have a white oxford from about three years ago with the same buttons. It must of been a while ago.    
  Available here. Not sure if they ship internationally.
Hell yes.  
Can you please explain why? Is it just because it’s boring?
What’s wrong with matching belt to shoes? I thought this was a good guideline.   You should check out mellowfellow in the WAYWT thread.   [[SPOILER]]  
Why? The store didn’t have the sneakers anyway.
Looking for a versatile, durable, brown leather sneaker. Thinking about these: Pretty expensive, but not CP expensive. I like the colour.   Also thinking of getting this Tanner belt to match:  
Anybody heard of these? I was thinking of buying a pair (top picture). It appears to be a cheaper alternative to Common Projects. Handmade, European, (mostly) leather sneakers. Is there anything I should be looking for when buying an expensive sneaker? For example, I noticed some models appear to have a stitched sole. I usually wear cheap canvas shoes, but I want something nicer and more durable. They stock them locally, so I can try them on. They start from $188...
Edit: I’ll try again.
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