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Lets hear them. Say I had up to $250 to spend on a black, versatile dress shoe. I think I’m a true 42 or 42.5 but it varies depending on brand so I’d rather not buy online. We have Gingers in Perth but I rarely see anything under $300. I usually wear streetwear but I’ll need something for interviews, weddings, funerals, etc. eventually.
Anybody owned a pair of shoes from Aquila? What’s the quality like?
Any knitwear on sale anywhere?
Looks good. PM sent.
I like the socks.  
Trying to decide on a jacket for mild Australian winters:     Top picture is Saturdays NYC, bottom is Suit Supply. Both I can get for the same price. I think khaki will be more versatile.
First jacket yes. Not sure about the second one.  
Jacket. How is the quality of Suitsupply?
I’ll probably pick up a few sweaters from J Crew anyway. It’s annoying what they’ve done, but I’m curious about the quality.
J Crew… 
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