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I was thinking more with just denim.
I’m not sure if you’re recommending them or not? I’m trying to determine whether I should use these (I already have them) or buy some Converse. I’m in between jobs, so I’d prefer to save the money.
Wait, how did he get to 70kg? Did he start lifting again? And to be honest, 5-7kg heavier in 6 months doesn’t sound too impressive. But then again, I’m a newbie. I’m going to be taking this pretty seriously. I haven’t worked out my current calorie intake, but I’m looking at doing exactly what the book says to do. From memory, I think that’s 6000 calories for a dude like me.
I’m a bit intimidated. I weigh 56kg at the moment. I’ve nearly finished reading Starting Strength so I’m looking at giving that a go. Hopefully they just let me do my own thing.    
Anybody used Feiyue for lifting?   Also: This is the only gym in my area that has a power rack. This should be interesting…
I was wondering about this. Do you guys tuck in your Gitman shirts, more specifically the oxfords?
I love this shirt but it doesn’t fit me. It runs large. Please check the measurements. One of the buttons fell off. I still have it, I just haven’t had time to re-attach it. The shirt is from a few seasons back, but it’s just be sitting in my closet.   Washed once Slight fade around neck Made in Australia 100% cotton   Pit to pit: 21″ Shoulders: 17″ Shoulder to cuff: 27″ Centre back length: 31″   $50 $30 $10 Postage will...
Thanks for the tip. Expensive? I’d rather pay the coin now for a decent pair of shoes that’ll last me more than 12 months and look better too.  
Also, say I do head into DJs to figure out sizing: How do I walk out of the store without buying anything and feeling like an idiot? I’ve done this at places like Gingers and whenever it happens, the staff member makes me feel like I’ve ruined his day. And this is just with cheaper, casual shoes.
I’ve been to De Burgh’s and last time they had mostly Ecco.   Seriously. Why is it so hard to find shoes in this city?   Maybe I’ll have to venture online. I guess the thing that worries me the most is the possibility of them not fitting, and having to send them back overseas. Postage is so expensive from this country.
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