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Learned helplessness?
I'm 24. Was active up until about 16 or 17.
  Depressing. I'm worried this has happened to me. I spend 8 hours a day sitting in front of the computer. Even though I work from home, I'm working a survival call-centre type job which has me chained to the computer and phone. I literally can't even stand up most the day and I have a feeling it's screwing up my lower back. I find lifting can make it worse. What should I do to fix this shit? I thought getting active would be enough but it isn't at all. I played a lot of...
Should I cool down after lifting?
1.5 hours/3 days a week doing SS.
I'm in AU. Find it hard to eat chilli when it is over 40 degrees C.
I need meal ideas for bulking during summer. Winter was easy, I would just slow cook big batches of chili con carne, beef stews, etc. So far all I can think if is making and freezing beef burger patties. I work 'till 6:30, go straight to the gym, and don't get home 'till 9. Needs to be meals I can prepare in advance and preferably stores well.
Found a new 24/7 gym with a good power rack. Hot girls everywhere. Heaps of room to power clean.   Unfortunately, they only have incline benches. They can be flattened, so I can use them in the power rack to bench press, but the middle section caves in slightly if I apply too much pressure to it. 
  And would I continue to up my press and bench, even without the day rest?   This might not even be a permanent thing… just for the next 3 weeks until I get my new roster.
I think I already know the answer to this one but…   Is it possible to do a modified SS program Monday, Wednesday, Thursday? My stupid gym closes @ 5pm on Friday and isn't open weekends.
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