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Can't record video at my new gym.   Here is me coming up from a BW squat:   [[SPOILER]]   1. My bottom position looks OK, right? My lower back is neutral, though my upper back and shoulders look rounded.   2. When driving out of the bottom of a squat, my chest rises quicker than my hips causing my lumbar to overextend. I can actually feel this happening with heavier weights.   3. My upper back is rounded and loose when driving up so I have this weird combination of a...
Yep. I doubt I'll undo years of bad posture within a few weeks while continuing to sit all day. Even if I smash through mobility work everyday, ratio is still fucked. I should be able to quit soon, then I can find something where I can actually stand up and take breaks away from the computer. Call centre work is terrible on the body. Next semester for school doesn't start until July so I'm stuck for now.
I don't even know what to do anymore. Been doing MobilityWOD this month. Lower back is screwed. This what happens when you sit down every day for 8 hours. Call centre work is great. Stay in school kids.
Which program?
what happened to fuj…   was waiting all night for vid.
Guess it's hard when there's a lot of money to be made out of confusing people.
Was doing MobilityWOD at gym, standing next to scale. Dude weighs himself, fist pumps and says, "hell yeah bro put on 0.6kg in 60 minutes". I looked at the water bottle in his hand. Couldn't tell if serious or not. Gave him thumbs up.
Are you getting paid to do this? Sounds like a marketing campaign. 
I've held off buying clothes for about 6 months because I'm putting on weight anyway. I just wear old AA tees and APC denim (about three years old). I haven't been reading the fashion threads at all. I read this thread and amathew's virgin thread and that's about it.
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