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I applaud your patent leather collection. I have been searching SF as well as the internet and it is rather common to wear calf with black tie. I am not certain if wearing calf takes away from the formality or the zest of the occasion; perhaps more experienced posters can chime in.
Will they give me a hard time if I just go try on a shoe and not buy?
Thanks for link. 10 or 10.5 or 11 will fit in this shoe. I am going to the Armoury in NYC Monday to try on some Carmina in the rain last.Is the shoe you posted same as the Carmina Rain 732 Simple Captoe - Calf Black that the Armoury sells for $550? Not sure if the Armoury Carmian is the same or has perhaps better leather or something different about it. It can be found here: http://shop.thearmoury.com/us/artisans/carmina?limit=all&mode=grid
Can't wait. Need them in about 2.5 weeks max.
Not in Canada. Northeast USA.
Not a regular black shoe wearer, but I do have two or three black shoes. One is AE Park Ave and the other a heavy brogued Ferragamo.IMO, getting a patent leather to ONLY wear with the tux isn't economical or versatile. OTOH, a black calf skin captoe oxford can be paired with many outfits.
Any place online to get these cheaper perhpas?I see Skoaktie has them for $300 less, but they are the 202 last. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/oxfords/products/edward-green-chelsea-in-blackWhat is diff between 82 and 202 last?
I like the whole cuts as well as the black captoe oxford. Don't know where to try on around NYC either...
Recommendation for the best Vass shoe(s) to be worn with a tux for a classic black tie look? Any location around NYC to try the aforementioned shoes?
Just browsing CJ website and they have quite a few black cap toe oxfords. Are they more or less the same and just made on different lasts?
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