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Can the experts comment on which from below fits best and how to further improve that fit? Much appreciated.38R Havana [[SPOILER]] 40R Hudson [[SPOILER]] 38R Hudson [[SPOILER]]
The fellow was very adamant about the size! Tricked me. Good thing SuSu has an excellent return/exchange policy/So group consensus is the 40R Hudson has the best fit from the 3 above?
38 Hudson or Havana?
More shots of the above 38r Hudson - manager was certain this was best fit, but I was unsure between the 3.And yes the 38r Havana had a very very open weave.38r Hudson - different lighting. [[SPOILER]]
Which is best from fit the above 3?
Another one38R Hudson [[SPOILER]]
Which is a better fit?38R Havana [[SPOILER]] 40R Hudson [[SPOILER]]
When deciding between cap toes vs whole-cuts for a black tie, I opted for the cap toes. The whole cuts are certainly more formal, but a black cap toes is more versatile. If you already have a black cap toe, then a whole-cut would be a nice addition. I did not have a respectable black cap toe so I opted for a CJ Audley. Very happy with the purchase.
My mistake! I had you confused for another gent who had an aversion to suede - the name escapes me at the moment.
Appreciate the input. I wonder what a bespoke shoe maker thinks of this query.
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