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Hayward, your Thoughts on a sinn 556? I'm in the market for a verstaile watch to start my collection. Never really had a quality watch in the past - usually just stuck to my phone for time, etc.
Agreed. I did not buy.
Thanks for the links, but I can't find that same exact strap that you used...I think the link is broken. Do you have a name for it or something?
What do you guys think of this : http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005MKGQMY/ref=mw_dp_img?is=l It's a citizen Eco drive On sale now. Thoughts?
Any tips on how to go about doing it right or as right as possible the first time? I will be visiting one of the MTM makers in NYC very soon and want to get a decent fit (especially shoulders) the first time. Sadly, I do not have any shirts that have a sartorial-esque fit to bring along to carbon copy. I realize it is a work in progress, but any tips from pros who go all the time would definitely help. I plan to take measurements at home before I visit and then compare...
If you are willing to go a little over or maybe even around your budget, I would highly recommend MTM shops. If you are near NYC, you can actually venture in and get measured. I have trouble finding shirts that fit and have decided going the MTM route myself. From researching and reading on here, you will see that most people are happy with their MTM purchases. Try the proper cloth or mytailor or other.
If anyone has these lying around or know where to get them for a bit cheaper, I am all ears.
Classic Shoes that I bought from Orvis but never had a chance to wear - these are brand new. Made by Alden and many say look better than their famed 405 Indy Boot. These are on the same last as the Indy boot (Trubalance) and are style number 8604. The sole is smooth, but is rubber so it provides a degree of traction Leather is oiled nubuck My pics do not do them justice - this is a gorgeous shoe. More info here :...
Thank you sir for reminding me what I should not have forgotten.
Should I buy this ferragamo loafer? Perhaps to be worn with chinos or jeans, never a suit...thoughts?
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