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Speaking of jeans - do you guys stack or keep it straight?
Got a shirt pic?
" Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” ~ MA
Wife would call that an "elf shoe"
I am actively hunting for suede chukkas
What is the word on Carlos Santos shoes in terms of quality?
Anyone have pics of their plain toed Vass after some wear? Trying to see how a Vass ages with wear
Thanks guys. I also posted in the tailor thread.
Can the experts comment on which from below fits best and how to further improve that fit? Much appreciated.38R Havana [[SPOILER]] 40R Hudson [[SPOILER]] 38R Hudson [[SPOILER]]
The fellow was very adamant about the size! Tricked me. Good thing SuSu has an excellent return/exchange policy/So group consensus is the 40R Hudson has the best fit from the 3 above?
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