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I guess custom/bespoke sportcoat in the city would be over 650.
Worth it to pay 650 for an epaulet navy hopsack sportcoat? Can't you just get a custom made navy sportcoat for that much?
Ya I was getting invites to be an escort. Flattering, but I had to remove ASAP.
What belt matches the walnut strand color? Edit : found the arrow creek model in walnut for 69 plus shipping. Good price? It's 35mm or 1.4 inches - too thick for dressy trousers?
Yep. This Friday. I know a few Allen edmonds and Santoni shoes are on sale. AE Clifton is on sale. Park ave are not on sale.
The sinn 6060 is nice, but over budget. I am trying to stay below 1k and already have a white dial poljot strella chronograph that I picked up from B&s here.Edit - I have tiny wrists like 6.5 to 7 inches. What's the largest watch I can wear without looking goofy?
OTC tailor is an awesome person and helped me a lot with alterations for the shirt. I will post back with new pics. Is black leather an acceptable color for an everday messenger back? I currently have brown jack spade canvas and wanted to add another bag. Not sure if black color is a good idea or not...
First versatile watch that can be dressed up or worn casual - So far I have sinn 556 - should I just get it or are there other to seriously consider? I already have a white dial antrella and am looking for something other than a white dial.
Anyone know the rise on a Brooks Brothers Madison trouser size 34 waist?
Thanks for the comments jhwedland and fonddejante. I guess you guys couldn't help but stare at my crotch and feel the urge to let out the homo in you. By the way, don't try to send these pics to your boyfriends pretending they are yours.
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