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Whats a good place to buy SARB or alpinest series?
Ya that's looking a bit short there. I am about 5'11 and around 180lbs with a steep drop. Chest about 42, waist around 33 with square shoulders.
Does SS make a traditional navy sportcoat?
Sweet. Thanks.Does the watch still need to wound daily? I would hate that and probably stop wearing it if it started pulling stunts like that...Will all the seiko 5s act like that? Or is it just the one you have i.e. is it a defect?
I know, but the "sharp" fit me well and I am trying to figure out which of these patterns is most versatile....
Looking for versatile trousers. Wanted to get different shades of gray, beige, and some others that go well with almost all outfits. Hugo boss sharp fit me well, but I am having trouble deciding which colors to get from nordstrom sale. Which colors from the following would be ideal/versatile? Tonal Checks Blue black check Tan check Grey Plaid Grey White Check Blue Check Grey Check
Looks massive - I guess if that's your cup of tea then I understand.Personally, I think it looks ginormous and will probably be something I would never wear.
How will a 44mm look on a 7 inch wrist worn in a business casual setting?
Strand will not be on sale.
Thanks guys. By city, I do mean NYC. What other places/brands should I look into for a versatile navy sportcoat/blazer? I was thinking epaulet bc I tried it on and fit decently well.
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