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I did sit with it, and it felt okay I suppose. Not sure how it looked.Can't relax. This is styleforum.Thanks. I was thinking same. Perhaps a 0.25 inch decrease in bicep and sleeve length.
Does VASS have brown calf chelseas?
X post from Luxire thread. Figured it would be good to hear noodlers input
You and me both appear to have similar problems! HaGood to know. Suppose I should order cottons a tony bit smaller than this linen. Awaiting to hear back from Luxire as well regarding fit.
Thanks!Thanks for your feedback.You think the yoke is too wide b/c it spills over my shoulders?Agree on sleeve lengthWorried shortening bicep width may make it restrictive, but not sureOn another note - do you guys recommend altering measurements based on fabric i.e. this is linen and if I now want cotton, do I need to change measurements to account for a different fabric?
Thoughts on fit of this linen that has been laundered? How to improve? [[SPOILER]]
I see some extra fabric in the mid/upper back scapula area. Is that me or am I just imagining?
Sleeve length is a tad short, but going a size up or going L will make the overall fit worse. This fabric drapes well.
Hudson 40R. How's the fit? How to improve? Definitely needs a fix around the upper neck for extra fabric to account for straight back/shoulders [[SPOILER]]
Which one fits better? Any comment on what alterations for the navy jacket?Which fabric? Both seem okay. Not super luxurious, but acceptable.The navy 40r Hudson is pure wool.The 38r Lazio is the blend.Strange how I fit 38 in Lazio and a 40 in Hudson.
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