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[[SPOILER]] Does Luxire have some kind of a fit guarantee? Example is if you order a shirt, they make it accodding to specs, but it is still ill fitting - will they make alterations or make a new shirt if needed or better luck next time type of thing?BG - I like the fit of the Luxire shirt more than the Barbara shirt. It can be slimmed some more but doesn't look bad.
Thanks for the link Louis. BG - I don't think it will affect the seam to seam measurement as much as it dictates the placement of the armholes. I am not an expert on this, so please take this with a grain of salt. To those who have gotten well fitted shirts, are you taking body measurements or previous shirt measurements? And could someone explain the basic collars that Luxire offers - are they super stuff/fused, etc.?
Is there a certain way that Luxire recommends measuring a shirt? I am trying to make sure the fit translates well. Also, can one specify very square shoulders or neck forward?
I was in the same boat as you not long ago, and decided to give PC a shot for my first MTM. I was swayed because they have excellent customer service, and have an actual place you can go in for a fitting. Beware that MTM is not a perfect process. In fact, I can be so bold as to say your first, true MTM shirt will not fit perfect. I went in for a fitting at PC for my first shirt and it came back a mess. I posted pictures in another thread. I went back, was...
Whats a good place to buy SARB or alpinest series?
Ya that's looking a bit short there. I am about 5'11 and around 180lbs with a steep drop. Chest about 42, waist around 33 with square shoulders.
Does SS make a traditional navy sportcoat?
Sweet. Thanks.Does the watch still need to wound daily? I would hate that and probably stop wearing it if it started pulling stunts like that...Will all the seiko 5s act like that? Or is it just the one you have i.e. is it a defect?
I know, but the "sharp" fit me well and I am trying to figure out which of these patterns is most versatile....
Looking for versatile trousers. Wanted to get different shades of gray, beige, and some others that go well with almost all outfits. Hugo boss sharp fit me well, but I am having trouble deciding which colors to get from nordstrom sale. Which colors from the following would be ideal/versatile? Tonal Checks Blue black check Tan check Grey Plaid Grey White Check Blue Check Grey Check
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