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Classic Shoes that I bought from Orvis but never had a chance to wear - these are brand new. Made by Alden and many say look better than their famed 405 Indy Boot. These are on the same last as the Indy boot (Trubalance) and are style number 8604. The sole is smooth, but is rubber so it provides a degree of traction Leather is oiled nubuck My pics do not do them justice - this is a gorgeous shoe. More info here :...
Thank you sir for reminding me what I should not have forgotten.
Should I buy this ferragamo loafer? Perhaps to be worn with chinos or jeans, never a suit...thoughts?
Ya strap is a strap - unless you are into straps.Any links to the $10 or $20 straps for the the Seiko 5?
After wasting time and money on tailors and shirts that don't look good even after being tailored, I am gonna take the plunge and go MTM, probably proper cloth. Will keep you guys posted on the results.
I hear ya. I am in the market for a or several watches, but it irks me to spend a lot on a watch. Yet, somehow, I can get myself to pay $40 per pound for some chilean sea bass - outrageous, especially since there are no leftovers.
You definitely should for all watches under 1K, especially if you could make different categories such as formal, sporty, etc. - would be a great thread.BTW, I found that seiko but then started looking for leather croc/gator straps and those damn straps are just as expensive as the watch...what a turd show
So much I don't know about watches...makes me feel uncomfortable it does
Thanks for the update. Good to know. On another anote, do you guys know what type of fabric brooks brothers uses for its non-iron, slim fit cotton shirts?
How recent did you get these shirts? And please elaborate about the quality. Thanks.
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