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Looks massive - I guess if that's your cup of tea then I understand.Personally, I think it looks ginormous and will probably be something I would never wear.
How will a 44mm look on a 7 inch wrist worn in a business casual setting?
Strand will not be on sale.
Thanks guys. By city, I do mean NYC. What other places/brands should I look into for a versatile navy sportcoat/blazer? I was thinking epaulet bc I tried it on and fit decently well.
I guess custom/bespoke sportcoat in the city would be over 650.
Worth it to pay 650 for an epaulet navy hopsack sportcoat? Can't you just get a custom made navy sportcoat for that much?
Ya I was getting invites to be an escort. Flattering, but I had to remove ASAP.
What belt matches the walnut strand color? Edit : found the arrow creek model in walnut for 69 plus shipping. Good price? It's 35mm or 1.4 inches - too thick for dressy trousers?
Yep. This Friday. I know a few Allen edmonds and Santoni shoes are on sale. AE Clifton is on sale. Park ave are not on sale.
The sinn 6060 is nice, but over budget. I am trying to stay below 1k and already have a white dial poljot strella chronograph that I picked up from B&s here.Edit - I have tiny wrists like 6.5 to 7 inches. What's the largest watch I can wear without looking goofy?
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