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I see nothing here to warrant any repercussions.You received a rather expensive suit that was different than what you had ordered. Along with being vexed, you are voicing your concerns in a civil manner and informing the community. I am sure we would all be frustrated if we were in your situation.
Hate to break up this very interesting discussion but any thoughts on that Thomas Pink tux shirt? Pink also carries a bow tie for about 100.
Tuxedo shirt - ya? Tried on today and it fit okay for a RTW shirt in a 15. Link : http://www.us.thomaspink.com/Marcella-Evening-Super-Slim-Fit-Double-Cuff-Shirt/Evening-Shirts/thomas-pink/fcp-product/99920821#filters=!$FIT!super+slim+fit+shirts
I wear a 11 to 11.5 in Nike Free 4.
UK 9 Rain I actually never tried on. SA only had 8.5UK which was very very snug in a captoe oxford. 9.5UK I had heel slippage. 9UK in Rain 2 eyelet chukka seemed okay, but not sure how that translates into other shoes.
I am going soon to get my foot measure on brannock again. last I checked it was 10.5 - 11.CJ is for sure as I was just there.
Looking for input on VASS F sizing. I have a normal to wide foot. CJ 341 last I can take a 8.5UK snug. Carmina rain last UK9. Branock around 10.5 I am thinking size 43 may do the trick. Thoughts?
As per the CJ SA, Barney's carries US sizing. However, I would call Barney's and confirm.
How does a 341 last translate into a 348 last? I fit a 341 last Sidney 8.5E UK pretty snug. What would this be in a 348 last Tetbury?
On another note, I drove over to NYC and knocked on NMWA door - address found online. Plan was to try on VASS and some other stuff. Met a young fella and he said it was a warehouse only
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