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@Caustic Man How does one accurately describe mood?
Loafers vs chukkas - what is thought process in choosing to wear one over the other with an outfit (assuming both are suede and chocolate/brown colored). Talking mainly about casual outfits ( odd jacket combos, or jeans, etc) as opposed to suiting
Any recommendation for shirting patterns/fabrics that can be worn casual, MC style i.e. with chinos/trousers/odd jacket combos as well as jeans?
Noodles I have some tax questions....
Do a Phd if you "think" you will like it. Hard to know as it is a long journey and the end may not be all that you expected. From an objective, monetary standpoint, definitely does not make sense, but there is more to life and happiness than $
Thanks my man. More like a drop 10-11.
I did sit with it, and it felt okay I suppose. Not sure how it looked.Can't relax. This is styleforum.Thanks. I was thinking same. Perhaps a 0.25 inch decrease in bicep and sleeve length.
Does VASS have brown calf chelseas?
X post from Luxire thread. Figured it would be good to hear noodlers input
You and me both appear to have similar problems! HaGood to know. Suppose I should order cottons a tony bit smaller than this linen. Awaiting to hear back from Luxire as well regarding fit.
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