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What happened with the pants? Are you sending in pants that fit well to be replicated or taking your own measurements?
Figured I might as well ask here for the benefit of the community, instead of a personal message. How do MTM/custom shops adjust for a low shoulder? For example, I have a right shoulder that is lower by 0.5 inches. Is it as simple as adding extra yoke to the right by 0.5 inches? Or are there adjustments that also need to be made and can only be done if one goes bespoke?
What's the color look like in real life? Pic?Are you planning on keeping it?
Are you able to make the yoke uneven - for example my left shoulder sits higher and may require another 0.25" or so extra in the yoke as opposed the right? Not sure if that is a clear question, but I will throw another extreme example - total yoke = 19inches, mid to left shoulder = 10inches, mid to right shoulder = 9inches? Is this possible?
Ah and NOBD/timotune - can you guys comment on your preference for an unfused collar? I thought the sartorial way was "lined + fused" as it will keep the collar stiff and keep it from flapping around....
Surely $10 cannot be enough for a man of your stature!BTW, is this the infamous NOBD collar? If so, will it fly with both casual and formal shirts?
Ya? I may have to do the same then! I will search the thread and try to find it. The shirts in the pic above had that collar? Also, do you specify in measurements how you want the collar or send an image?
Jester what's a NOBd collar?
[[SPOILER]] Does Luxire have some kind of a fit guarantee? Example is if you order a shirt, they make it accodding to specs, but it is still ill fitting - will they make alterations or make a new shirt if needed or better luck next time type of thing?BG - I like the fit of the Luxire shirt more than the Barbara shirt. It can be slimmed some more but doesn't look bad.
Thanks for the link Louis. BG - I don't think it will affect the seam to seam measurement as much as it dictates the placement of the armholes. I am not an expert on this, so please take this with a grain of salt. To those who have gotten well fitted shirts, are you taking body measurements or previous shirt measurements? And could someone explain the basic collars that Luxire offers - are they super stuff/fused, etc.?
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