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How does that compare to BD collar here?
Can you guys recommend collar for shirts to be worn mostly without ties plus/minus sportcoat and occasionally w/ some jeans?
How about linen? It is on sale now.
What's up with rolled up 2 inch jeans?
Any particular or all will do?
Reposting: Any recommendation for shirting patterns/fabrics that can be worn casual, MC style i.e. with chinos/trousers/odd jacket combos as well as jeans?
Are these what you are referring to? and looked at my closet and most of my button downs are some shade of light blue/blue. Need to diversify.
Let me know when you get in Murl. Sale at luxire too. Maybe I can pick up some stuff on sale!
Any particular luxire colors or fabrics of each? Thanks for your input murl
No love in the Luxire thread.
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