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Are Chelsea boots almost as versatile as chukkas?
How did you guess?
Don't want to dig up old stuff, but if you search around it is public.
Would also add that the tailor matters. Do your homework and ask around before jumping the gun. I had a terrible experience even after I did all of the above.
All over the internet, two clubs exist when it comes to a Rolex : the hater club or the lover club. No suspense about which one you gravitate towards.Regardless, I am glad to hear your opinion. I did browse the Omega boutique with wife, and, from a strictly aesthetic point, nothing jumped out at us. I was initially leaning towards a Sub, but the SD4K dial was much cleaner and more appealing. If you have other recs about a particular watch to check out in person, I am...
haha true that
Well let's not get carried away here. I would appreciate the watch - just a matter of picking one's vice
I am not a watch guy either, but I understand why the watch is being recommended by many. I will see if I can figure out the wife's true intentions (easier said than done).
That is what she says. Rolex Sea Dweller. Edit - The damn thing is very expensive and it makes me wonder whether it is worth it. I can put that money in a IRA and watch it grow and be happy. Wife does not like the idea
Nice. Should I get a nice watch (from the wife) or spread the $ around for clothing i.e. sporcoat, pants, chukkas, etc? Wife says get the watch as it will last
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