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How does that compare to BD collar here? http://brokeandbespoke.tumblr.com/post/94446897488/ordering-this-collar-from-luxire-ive-received-a
Can you guys recommend collar for shirts to be worn mostly without ties plus/minus sportcoat and occasionally w/ some jeans?
How about linen? It is on sale now.
What's up with rolled up 2 inch jeans?
Any particular or all will do?
Reposting: Any recommendation for shirting patterns/fabrics that can be worn casual, MC style i.e. with chinos/trousers/odd jacket combos as well as jeans?
Are these what you are referring to? http://luxire.com/products/brisbane-moss-chambray-light-blue and http://luxire.com/products/brisbane-moss-chambray-navyJust looked at my closet and most of my button downs are some shade of light blue/blue. Need to diversify.
Let me know when you get in Murl. Sale at luxire too. Maybe I can pick up some stuff on sale!
Any particular luxire colors or fabrics of each? Thanks for your input murl
No love in the Luxire thread.
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