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Nice. May get in on this.How many fittings do you usually do for a MTM vs bespoke? Turnaround time for a finished product? What cloth will be offered at this MTM price-point?Do you have pics of finished MTM products on clients? MTM shirts an option?
Will check that out. Budget is pretty open, but trying to see if it makes sense to spend a lot on something that will rarely get use.Wonder if suit supply rents tuxedos for the groomsmen as well...
A friend of mine is getting married in NYC this summer in the evening. I will be his groomsman and he has asked me for some advice regarding his tux. What is the best way to go about acquiring a proper fitted tuxedo for the groom? He really doesn't have a use for it other than maybe 1 or 2 events (even if that ) per year. Options are bespoke vs MTM vs OTR. Thoughts? If going the OTR route, what is a good place to shop for a tux and then where is a good place to get it...
Sent a shirt to be copied
Got a shipped notice today - Oct 1Let's hope it was worth the long wait. Will post pics once here.
Ordered my first shirt Aug 5. Waiting in silence
Beatle - when you order shirts and make minor tweaks, do you just type out in the notes section or send the previous shirt in? I.e. something like refer to order 12345 and make changes xyz.
I am not computer savvy - when you say you "sent those two pics", how do you send?I recently ordered a shirt and all I saw was the "notes" section...where one could type only, I did not see an attach or send link, etc.
How do you relay all this information when you are ordering a shirt?
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