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X post
X post from Lux thread. Would appreciate some fit advice
Thinking of sending below pants to replicate. Comments on how to improve fit esp in the front pocket and buttock crease area? [[SPOILER]]
Ok. Keep me posted. What kind of camera and tripod ?
How did you take that pic?
What kind of collar is that?
Tips on how to take better pics indoor? I can never seem to take good ones with the phone. I do have a Sony a6000, but not too facile with photography. Wife is not a fan of taking pics to be posted online for other men to see btw.
Any word on when the sale ends?
How does that compare to BD collar here? http://brokeandbespoke.tumblr.com/post/94446897488/ordering-this-collar-from-luxire-ive-received-a
Can you guys recommend collar for shirts to be worn mostly without ties plus/minus sportcoat and occasionally w/ some jeans?
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