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What are the details on that collar?
Good points and glad to hear it turned out well.Any pointers on how to package it well on my behalf?
Thank you.Good to know.I just have to pick a shirt that fits the best from my current collection and send it in.Will post pics for input of course
I figured so as well.It may be best to send in the shirt and have it replicated...Anyone have damage to their clothing that was sent in to be copied?
Please keep us updated on the comparing fits.It would be great if you can post pics of you in both shirts.Thanks.
David - Just saw this. Is this still up for sale? I am local. Thanks.
Have a pair of APC Rescue in size 30 that I bought a few years back. In the beginning they were super tight everywhere, but now they fit pretty well EXCEPT the waist. It seems the waist has stretched more than the other parts such as thighs. Anyway to have the waist go down a little or just wear a belt?
Pm sent with some questions.
Hey guys I would appreciate some input. I don't often wear jeans and I only have one pair currently. They are an APC Rescue in size 30 in dark blue. When I first bought them, they were super tight, but now they fit a lot better but somehow the waist has stretched out a little more than I'd like. Anyways, I digress....the real question is that I am interested in getting another pair and was wondering what you all recommend. I usually wear jeans with sweaters, button...
New Posts  All Forums: