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I agree. Very misleading.I tried on some CJ and, in most, I am about 8E/8D/8.5E.If going VASS, should I stick with 43?
Re-measured brannock - 8.5/9UKCJ - 8E or 8.5D - these are snug, but good fits.
I recently went to the Kamakura store in NYC. Very good prices for decent shirts. Their shirts have variability in sizing so one Tokyo slim fit may not fit the same as another Tokyo slim fit.
Go with stone. I am in the same boat as you - mostly casual shirts/OCBD with rare SC. I am getting stone soon.
That's my shirt! Waiting for it arrive - should be here Monday.
On another note: Anyone have onyx/black cuff links (4) or stud sets for sale? I am looking around and these things are expensive. Kent Wang has cuff links and stud sets. Total for 4 cuff links and stud sets is over 200.
I see nothing here to warrant any repercussions.You received a rather expensive suit that was different than what you had ordered. Along with being vexed, you are voicing your concerns in a civil manner and informing the community. I am sure we would all be frustrated if we were in your situation.
Hate to break up this very interesting discussion but any thoughts on that Thomas Pink tux shirt? Pink also carries a bow tie for about 100.
Tuxedo shirt - ya? Tried on today and it fit okay for a RTW shirt in a 15. Link :!$FIT!super+slim+fit+shirts
I wear a 11 to 11.5 in Nike Free 4.
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