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Crotch looking good noodles. Mine is worse. I will post some pics later. Where you get your pants? I stopped wearing pants for a while cuz they were looking funky in the crotch/penoris/ass area
What's up with your trousers?
good place for pants?
I am searching like a mofo. SCs I can probably pull off from BS. Pants - I got bigger thighs and they can get screwed up easily. Need to go to a store and try on to get my sizing right
I don't wear ties very much at all. Can't justify spending over a benjamin on something that will rarely get used. Gotta build up the regular wardrobe first - sportcoats, pants, shirts
nj/nyc area
should have copped yesterday
Is this more versatile than the HC neat olive on sale?
good advice rockets. will def try on the SS and see how it fits. the conversion from SM CAD to USD does save about $100 on the sportcoat as opposed to suit supply. will try on the SS and maybe order the SM. will post pics of try ons at the store so you guys can see the fit.lots of bb stores around here - I am gonna run in and try the fitz in 38R - if fits well, may just take yours.
true - will try on a SS jacket and see how it fits before moving forward
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