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Thanks for the replies! I guess no more than $200.
No one has one? What about in dark grey?
If someone goes to the one in Garden State PLaza, please post back what deals you see. I am at school and would like to head out there if something is worth the trip, esp. shoes.
Looking for a nice scarf in either black or navy. New. Preferably cashmere but wool or blend will do. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin The Allen Edmonds Auction Store http://stores.ebay.com/Allen-Edmonds...dZ2QQpZ5QQtZkm now has black Park Avenue seconds in every size from 8.5 through 13 (minus 12.5) , all in D width. $195 BIN What does it mean when they say "slightly imperfect"? Is there a defect that can be picked up by the naked eye or...?
Any solid dark color cashmere scarf?
New. Black preferred but brown will suffice.
How come all the good shoes that pop up on here are NEVER 11D?!
I need an 11D!!!!
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