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http://cgi.ebay.com/New-ALLEN-EDMOND...QQcmdZViewItem Are these too expensive? Or a good price? Can I get some better ones elsewhere cheaper?
come on guys! price reduced to $70 shipped CONUS!!!
Looking for shoe trees. Would like them new but used are ok as well. Thanks.
reduced to $75!
price reduced to $100.
I tried on a pair of Nudie RR slevage today in 32x33 and they were fairly slim over the thigh area. I am hesitant to pull the trigger as a wash may shrink the jeans. Where can I go in person to try on APC rescues? I am in nY/NJ area. Do stores like C21 or Filenes carry APC? On another note, what dress pants do you guys opt for? Most of my dress pants fit tight over the thighs.
Hey JaCet - my thighs are a little bigger than yours - about 25 inches and I am a 31/32 waist. Waht jeans do you usually buy? Most jeans I find hug my thighs and are tight. On top of that, my ass bulges out. Not cool! I recently purchased a pair of PDC in 31. They fit fine in the waist but are tight as hell in the thighs. Would Nudie Selvage Regular Ralf fit better? I also have a pair of true religions - again I have the same problem with them. On another note,...
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Nudies, APC New Standard. Closer to 100.00 but seems like they'd work out unless your thighs are huge. Any nudies will go? What about the Nudie Selvage Regular Ralf? I am a 32 - size down 2 or is that for the APCs?
anyone interested? shoot me an offer!
Up for grabs is a Hickey Freeman Canterbury Collection 40R suit. The jacket is 2 button single breasted and vented. The pants are flat front w/o cuffs. Made of 100% wool. Asking $125 shipped CONUS. Feel free to shoot any offers or questions. Measurements: Shoulder to Shoulder 19" Sleeves From Shoulder to Arms 24.5" Extra Material to Sleeves 2'' Chest a cross the front under the armpit 42" Length from bottom of collar to the bottom of the coat. 30" Waist 36" Extra...
New Posts  All Forums: