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Thanks for chiming in. I suspect the same about the pants. Will try on and check it out for sure.From your pics, it seems we have similar lower extremity builds. What brand or brands fit you well in trousers/pants?
@southern-swede NOBD 1 and NOBD 2 collars fit your query
@Coxsackie Those su su outfits look very nice on you. Here is to hoping I get close to a similar fit as yours. Btw, is that NYC in the background?
@surefire1017 What is your shoe size?
Will do - going for the Havana SC in navy and will search the store for some other dark/mid blues to try on. Curious to see to how the susu pants fit me as well
Umm I'm going to suit supply soon to try on sport coats!
Anyone have pics of a nice button down collar with a sick roll made by luxire?
My Dad's MTM David Reeves. Feedback appreciated. Thanks.
Nice! Any suggestions on a solid navy sportcoat in something like hopsack, preferably with hip patch pockets and dark brown buttons? Does SS have something like that?
Hitting up SS soon to try on some SCs. I have wide, sloping shoulders with prominent shoulder blades and a big waist drop. Any models I should aim for or avoid?
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