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Delivering:Yoke: 16.75"Neck: 14.75 - 15"Ht: 5'11"Wt: About 165Shoe Size : 10.5DFace pic pm'edBody pic [[SPOILER]]
haha but of course
Are you pulling my leg or being serious? Hard to get jokes on the internet sometimes.
I agree. I was looking at the other collars and mine looks "small"
@StanleyVanBuren Wellllllll Yes! Order is in for 5 shirts above and I just emailed luxire to hold off until I get the collar right]
Actually my collar is not like the NOBD 2. Deets below. I took a pic and measured. [[SPOILER]]
Tweedy thanks for the info. Good info about the height.Below is my latest shirt from Luxire with the NOBD 2 collar. I have attached dimensions of the collar as well.How does it look? Any recommended tweaks besides switching it to a BD with roll? [[SPOILER]]
Wow lots of teachers on here - thumbs up to all of you for furthering knowledge It's a good gig if u like to dress well
Hmm I see. What is the usual neck length? I am about 5 11 - I think I have an average neck length and off the rack collars sit well in terms of length
Academic = teacher? [[SPOILER]]
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