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Well that makes pants fit hard. Belly fat - cardio
You have a knack for finding pics. Chubby? those earlier pics of u i would have guessed skinnyfat. I hover at athletic or fit
i respectfully disagree sirhe should do the above because he wants to loose weight and go from pear to triangle. noodles, or for that matter most of us, will never be 6% BFtiming does not matter. need to dial in how much carbs, fats, proteins per day is needed and eat that. adjust according to mirror
well make her cook how long was your vacation? where and wtf did you eat? cardio is your friend
33 nice I am gonna be 33 soon. Your test levels are still good. Do about 1.5g/lb of protein, about 30-50g carbs and fats per day. cook your own food. workout 3-4 times per week. do hiit 3 times per week. take pics of yourself weekly.
BS has Micro-check with beige/cappucino ground and light blue overcheck SC - versatile? http://www.styleforum.net/t/493527/pal-zileri-cashmere-sc/0_100
I workout. I can help you with that noodles.
Yes. I need to build up pant collection. Chinos, trousers, etc etc. Right now, I wear scrubs and jeans. Gray seems to be it. I got two gray already - one charcoal, one mid - both from BB. Both are "flappy" I got inverted triangle FYI
no such thing as TMI if you put in context of "fit" or "clothing" on SF. it akin to "no homo" phrase
Crotch looking good noodles. Mine is worse. I will post some pics later. Where you get your pants? I stopped wearing pants for a while cuz they were looking funky in the crotch/penoris/ass area
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