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@TweedyProfyour BD roll collar look like the one below? http://brokeandbespoke.tumblr.com/post/94446897488/ordering-this-collar-from-luxire-ive-received-a
Anyone made a collar similar to these?Trying to get a BD with a sick roll. [[SPOILER]]
Nice. I like your style.
Noddles is that bag for you? How do you plan to use it?
iWatch by an iGent - seems like a reasonable gift
Lexapro is a helluva drug
What is your waist size noodes?
Coaches can only coach - a player's gotta play!
Where did you get those pants from Noodles? I think there is an Epaulet BM location in NYC and may have to go check it out.
Cool.Did anyone tell you that you resemble Michael Douglas?
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