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slightly off topic, but what's a good place to buy RM Williams boots? the cheaper the better! I am looking for boots to wear with jeans on a casual/daily basis.
Will the first two Ferragamos fit a US 11D? I usually wear 11D in AE PA's and Burton.
is this also on the bb website?
Thanks. I was hoping it would be an 11. I like those shoes!!
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman English-made BB shoes, it's unclear to me who by but they look decent: http://cgi.ebay.com/Mens-Brooks-Brot...QQcmdZViewItem what size would this be in US?
interested in the shoes if they are 11.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac i wear pretty much any of my shoes casually, except something totally funereal like my black wholecuts. If you want something to trash and thrash at clubs I would order one of the under $100 sale shoes at yoox.com right now. Any particular ones at yoox that look decent? All the ones I pick are expensive.
Will any of the two boots fit a US 11D?
Thanks. Anyone else have any suggestions?
Thanks for the suggestions. I am not a fan of tassells. The Rosebery is a bit much and out of my size. GeorgePaul what shoe is that? a link? price? It looks decent.
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