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Why do all the good deals on shoe come in tiny sizes? Serioulsy, how tall do you have to be to wear a size 8? Are there no 11/11.5 shoe deals left?!?!
what is the upper thigh measurement on these? thanks.
How does the PRPS "basic fit" fit?
same here...looking for a rm williams in a US 11D. vinous, hope ya don't mind - i didn't want to start a new thread.
Can I see pics of Sling and Stone Samuel selvage in natural and get some measurments? Are they new? Thanks.
What about in footwear? Anyone know of Cristiano Gualtieri? I was looking for casual loafers to wear with jeans when going out to clubs/bars. Came across these: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/CRISTI...s/searchResult Thoughts?
Playdoh, can you get your hands on Nudies RR or Svens in 31/32? Let me know. Thanks!
What's the difference between Joey and Billy in True Religion styles?
slightly off topic, but what's a good place to buy RM Williams boots? the cheaper the better! I am looking for boots to wear with jeans on a casual/daily basis.
Will the first two Ferragamos fit a US 11D? I usually wear 11D in AE PA's and Burton.
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