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Congrats! What kind of school if you don't mind sharing?Lincoln center is a great place - I ran into Spike Lee there once at some show.
Shirt Fabrics:1. White oxford [[SPOILER]] 2. Blue University Stripes Linen [[SPOILER]] 3. LINEN_WHITE_BLUE_WINDOWPANE [[SPOILER]] 4. JAK_CT_LN_BLUE_04 [[SPOILER]] 5. Black white gingham [[SPOILER]]
looks similar to Wayfarer
Any comments on the 5 shirts fabrics I selected?
Thank you good sir Claghorn.Stanley here has provided some specs ( 3 1/4 inch points, 5 inch spread, 3/8 inch tie space, 1 1/4 front collar band height, 1 9/16 rear collar band height) and I think he follows more or less your mantra about keeping it simple.I will now put the collar issue to rest.
Rarely a tie except the white shirt.Sometimes a jacket - BUT I will be slowly acquiring sportcoats that fit and I would like to ideally dress in trousers + shirt + SC
Are these shirts good, versatile choices? I don't have any linen or cotton-linen blends and can use a new white dress shirt. [[SPOILER]]
What am I saying?I mean not a Barbara BD collar - the HC collar as below but with your specs. Do I even need to tell luxire HC collar or can they just make a collar with your specs? [[SPOILER]]
Stanley delivering the goods! Thanks my man. Looks like the standard broke and bespoke model would be it for the BD collars. What about for a white dress shirt to be worn with ties? Request the Barbara BD collar from luxire and mention the specs you posted for me? FYI My face has actually chiseled up a bit. That pic was from a few months ago.
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