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Should I size up or down for a Thayer? I wear 11D in AE Park Ave and Burton. Also, what can I wear this calf monkstrap with? Jeans and a t-shirt? Dressy clothes? Usually, the calf comes off as too dressy but I was wondering if I can pull it off with jeans/shirt to go out in....thoughts? The suede seems to be out of my size.
Why do all the good deals on shoe come in tiny sizes? Serioulsy, how tall do you have to be to wear a size 8? Are there no 11/11.5 shoe deals left?!?!
what is the upper thigh measurement on these? thanks.
How does the PRPS "basic fit" fit?
same here...looking for a rm williams in a US 11D. vinous, hope ya don't mind - i didn't want to start a new thread.
Can I see pics of Sling and Stone Samuel selvage in natural and get some measurments? Are they new? Thanks.
What about in footwear? Anyone know of Cristiano Gualtieri? I was looking for casual loafers to wear with jeans when going out to clubs/bars. Came across these: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/CRISTI...s/searchResult Thoughts?
Playdoh, can you get your hands on Nudies RR or Svens in 31/32? Let me know. Thanks!
What's the difference between Joey and Billy in True Religion styles?
slightly off topic, but what's a good place to buy RM Williams boots? the cheaper the better! I am looking for boots to wear with jeans on a casual/daily basis.
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