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How come all the good shoes that pop up on here are NEVER 11D?!
I need an 11D!!!!
u get the pm rider?
Rider I sent ya a PM
Can I see a clearer pic of the colombo scarf?
Looking for a belt that can be worn with a suit or dressy clothes. I am a size 32 waist but 32 and 34 belts will do. Prefer black and new. Also in the market for a wallet. Prefer something skinny so it won't bulge out. Scarf: a color that can be worn with most outfits (i.e. navy, black, etc) . Looking for cashmere. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda I just heard back from the seller that those Tramezzas are a "B" width! Will those fit if I wear a 11D AE PAs?
Thanks for the tips. I am going to travel for two nights and I need to wear the suit for one day only. Initially, my plan was to wear casual clothes on the plane and carry the suit + shirts in a retail bag i.e. the black ones that come with the suit when you buy it. I am not so sure know as the plane (American Airlines) may not be abel to accomodate me if they don't have a closet to hang this up. I am gonna visit some local stores to see if I can find a carry on with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo StyleForum is prety value-conscious; you are unlikely to get much interests in AE over $150, especially with rubber soles. +1
Can you guys recommend a good way to travel with a suit and a shirt? I am gonna be boarding a plane and was wondering what exactly is the best way to bring along a suit. I need to wear it and I probably won't have a chance to iron it.
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