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Where are these urban composition collars pics?
Assuming the same color, what is more versatile: a suede or a calf loafer?
@semperexcelsius Good to have you posting and sharing. My only advice would be to have at least somewhat of a rough idea of your final product. My personal experience has been very dissatisfying when it comes to custom/MTM clothing. I went in with an open mind and let the "expert" make decisions. End result was a poor product. However, I was not dealing with the ultra exclusive. May your experiences please and satisfy you.
It is wonderful that you are actually living the dream of most SFers. Kudos man. Do post your experiences as it will be great entertainment.
I just visited kabaz site. For a minute I thought I had ventured mistakenly to a porno site. The man himself - not too impressed with the collar on his own shirt.
semper what bespoke shoes are you getting?
Capitalism. It is a dog eat dog world. Like Mercedes' slogan - Nothing but the best.
What is the pricepoint?
Do tell more
Did anyone in the GNAT have bespoke shoes made?
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