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I just visited kabaz site. For a minute I thought I had ventured mistakenly to a porno site. http://putthison.com/post/841916620/alexander-kabbazs-shirts-are-insanely-expensive The man himself - not too impressed with the collar on his own shirt.
semper what bespoke shoes are you getting?
Capitalism. It is a dog eat dog world. Like Mercedes' slogan - Nothing but the best.
What is the pricepoint?
Do tell more
Did anyone in the GNAT have bespoke shoes made?
Carl from CEGO is a regular poster. I am sure he can chime in more about the construction.
Pick 2 for BD casual shirts to be worn w/ or w/o SC: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
How does a 337 or 348 last translate to a 341? I take 8E in 337 (Hallam) and 348 (Audley) pretty snug. What would this be in a Sydney/341 last?
Can you still go back to discuss MTM?
New Posts  All Forums: