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How tall are you btw?
Does a round tail offer any advantage? Perhaps it stays tucked in easier? Suppose it makes sense to get shirts in square tail as they can be worn tucked and untucked.
Murl those mini frescos look nice! Did you send in pants to replicate or measure yourself/pants?
Is a button down collar with a roll okay to wear un-tucked or is a cutaway collar better for that purpose?
What's up stitches? How goes it?
@TweedyProfyour BD roll collar look like the one below? http://brokeandbespoke.tumblr.com/post/94446897488/ordering-this-collar-from-luxire-ive-received-a
Anyone made a collar similar to these?Trying to get a BD with a sick roll. [[SPOILER]]
Nice. I like your style.
Noddles is that bag for you? How do you plan to use it?
iWatch by an iGent - seems like a reasonable gift
New Posts  All Forums: