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While on the subject of shoes - has anyone undergone a gait analysis? While advertised for runners, I am sure we can all benefit esp if considering shoes north of 1K. Edit - I picked these up at the recent CJ sale:
I have had excellent customer service from luxire as well as PC.
Nice. I would jump but I need basics first. Looking for some chukkas
Been a little bit - hope everyone is well. Thread is going strong.I sent in a PC shirt as well a long time ago. The myriad of options luxire offers blow PC out of the water.Hope yours turns out well.
What is the difference between the stone vs cream color?
Any tips on nailing body measurements for pants?
You have 2000 posts and you don't know about this? Everyone knows about my crystal medusa belt (that I usually wear with my gators).
What belt with jeans that's not $1k?
Is the bremba chambray similar to the navy denim chambray here:
Is that like this chambray here?
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