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Amen to that!
You mofos love ties!
LoL On a serious note, I was hoping going the MTM/"almost custom" route would get me a nice fitting suit, but I guess I was wrong
Well, let me clarify. Purchased one suit for me, one suit for a family member, and another tuxedo for me. The suit for the family member looks...not good at all. The tuxedo I have not tried on and taken pics. Is it okay to air out the AV?
FML! Such an awkward situation, don't know how to approach. This is the first time I am seeing myself in this suit and it looks....not good Yes. MTM. Paid over a grand for it very recently. Went in for multiple fittings. To make things spicier, I purchased 3 MTM suits - 2 look not good at all the and the third I have not tried on outside yet. Almost like 4 grand How to approach?
this was a recent, a month or so, MTM suit jacket made in NYC by a SF affiliate.
Excuse the wrinkles as well. It has not been ironed recently. The first pic with the wrinkling over the left pocket is from non-ironing.
Crap. Should I just resell? Or get it ironed and see if it fits better? How's the one below?
Erect posture...well thank you sir. I try to be erect most of the time But yes, that is how I normally stand. Is the bunching up due it being wrinkled? Re length - when I curl my fist, it falls in my palm. Too short?
Solid advice monkey.I have to stop buying sale impulse items.Speaking of sales, I picked up the following linen SC from BS. How is the fit? Should I keep or resell or alter? Excuse the wrinkly pics as I just got it in today.
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