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aNY more updates?
whats the rise on the skulls? can the hem be let out to make them longer? have they ever been worn? thanks.
If the above guy does't take them, I will take them. I am in the CON USA. Let me know. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC If you don't know wine why drink it? Why not just have cocktails? Always thought wine was supposed to accentuate or even enhance the dining experience when paired correctly....but this may just be a buncha bullshit as I haven't had this experience yet.
Thanks for the tips about the starting brands!! Now just need to find a shop to smoke in...
After reading this thread, I went out and tried a gimlet along with a Manhattan. Maybe she didn't make it right or maybe that's just the way it is, but the Manhattan was DAMN strong - almost like whiskey on the rocks! I was thouroughly impressed by the gimlet. It was smooth and had the just the right touch of lemon. After one Manhattan and 3 gimlets, I was feeling very nice. Next time, I'll be sure to try and Old Fashioned and a Mint Julep.
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee That tasting menu will not go that well with just a red or just a white. Maybe a rose champagne, if you must. Easiest is to ask them to pair a couple glasses with the menu; the sommelier will surely have some in mind. That would be my recommendation. A safe choice would be to get a glass of champagne and a red burgundy/Pinot Noir. Or an Alsatian Riesling or Pinot Blanc, more useful than an off-dry German...
Where's a good smokeshop in NYC? I want to hit it up with my girl and check it out. I have only smoked cigars a couple of times before but have always wanted to indulge myself into the cigar world. Any tips on where to go and what to smoke?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax For people who are not big wine drinkers and not knowing your other preferences I would recommend a German Riesling (white, off-dry, goes well with spicier food). Gramercy Tavern lists a few under $50, like Monchhof Kabinet @$38 and Eifel Kabinet Halbtrocken @$36. Let us know if you need a red or a drier white recommendation. I don't really know much about wine so everytime I dine, I usually just...
For GT, can I rock some jeans and a sweater? Or is it like Daniel where a jacket is required?
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