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Any place online to get these cheaper perhpas?I see Skoaktie has them for $300 less, but they are the 202 last. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/oxfords/products/edward-green-chelsea-in-blackWhat is diff between 82 and 202 last?
I like the whole cuts as well as the black captoe oxford. Don't know where to try on around NYC either...
Recommendation for the best Vass shoe(s) to be worn with a tux for a classic black tie look? Any location around NYC to try the aforementioned shoes?
Just browsing CJ website and they have quite a few black cap toe oxfords. Are they more or less the same and just made on different lasts?
In NYC store or online somewhere?
Good find. Wasn't aware CJ did patent leather. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be opting for patent leather as I will rarely ever wear except with the tuxedo. Calf will likely get more wear and provide versatility.
Well mine don't come close to extending past the shoulder line
That is sort of similar to mine. Ok so shoes are kind of settled - I will go try on and pick one from the black captoes. Turndown collar shirt/bowtie/socks/shawl - Brooks Brothers?
Recommendation for the best CJ shoe(s) to be worn with a tux for a classic black tie look? Will be heading to NYC store to try on some recommended CJ soon.
I hear ya. I have to find a place in NYC to try them. Once I know my size in the Rain last, I can order from a few different retailers that offer lower prices. I am not sure if the Armoury in NYC will have something in the Rain last for me to try on.
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