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any get darts put on their shirts by luxire? curious as to how you specified b/c darts can get tricky
Anyone care to post pics of the linen shirts they have received? I want to order a few, but the coloring on the site is not accurate. Home pics bring about the true color I have noticed.
Does anyone rocks bucks in the summer? Debating if I should cop...
Thanks gents for clarifying. I feel at ease. Now onto which linen or linen/cotton blend to get as my first
Anyone sent bespoke clothing for Luxire to copy? Curious if others are doing as I am sure there is some hesitation on having an expensive garment take such a journey
Any suggestions for a linen shirt that won't wrinkle like mad? Price point around 100
like to stay around $100. Will likely order a few
Suggestions for my first linen shirt? Go with traditional white?
nice shirt. is that black or navy pants?
Good ideas. Thanks.Some linen would be nice. The suit has s sharp color so I will opt for a muted shirt
New Posts  All Forums: