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I believe I understand what you are getting at.So, if one specifies a decrease only in the ankle opening, Luxire leaves the knee measurement as it is, and then tapers the are in-between (lower leg area) to the new ankle opening OR is there no taper at all, but a rather abrupt decrease from the previous ankle opening to the new smaller ankle opening?
Thanks grenson and monkey. Always good to learn new things. Another question: how are you guys specifying decrease in pants leg/foot opening? I have pants that fit rather well and are candidates for replication except the fact that they have a 9inch leg opening. Let's suppose I wanted to decease this to 8inches - would I have to specify the taper from knee down in exact measurements or is Luxire able to figure it out by reducing incrementally from the knee down?
Ah ok yes. Appears I had the terms "sloping" and "dropped" mixed. Good to know these details. What happens then to someone who has rather the opposite of sloping or very sqaure shoulders?
Thanks. I was being sincere. I will try that. Good to hear about the shipping.
Grenson - your instructions are very clear. I am very impressed with your computer skills. If only I had the computer skills, I could do the same with my shirt pics above dam Edit - just saw your comment about sloping shoulders - doesn't a sloping shoulder cause mismatching of the sleeve length i.e. the sloping sleeve is longer than the non-sloping sleeve and, if so, do you ask for different sleeve lengths on long sleeve shirts?
Do you guys specify the exact tweaks in measurements to Luxire? For example, if I send in the above shirt, I would want to increase the forearm width, decrease the armhole size and/or get a NOBD collar. Would I have to specify how many inches/cm for each? I suppose I can guess the forearm width asking for an inch wider, but the others would be more difficult to objectify.
Agreed. However, I'm not sure if I can nail in two fits as the reference I am starting with appears to need significant adjustments. Furthermore, I'm not sure which way to adjust what exactly to nail the fit.
That is also an option. I think the gist of the recommendation was that I go somewhere "in person", whether that be MTM or bespoke, and have a shirt made to use as a reference. I do see your point and may just opt for that as it is the easiest. Thinking of sending in the shirt worn above and asking for the recommended tweaks...
Ah I see. That is likely the culprit because the sleeve length was measured and then re-measured plenty of times. Only issue I see is that with PC, there is no option to specify forearm width. They only have "slim" and "traditional" - this is already their traditional/looser fit. However, they do have an option for "sleeve/bicep width" and "watch allowance" - I am not certain if these will alleviate the issues the pictures show.They also do not have an option for...
Actually had this one made at Proper Cloth, which is kind of local - about an hour or so away.Trying to see if I can nail the fit before having replicas made. Have to find another MTM/bespoke spot in/around NYC.
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