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You really need to start doing deadlifts
Pain meds are your friend in that situation.
Anyone have measurements for the broke and bespoke model button-down collar?
That's a 38. Those SuSu salespeople wanted me to get a 34! Insane. I could barely move my arms in a 36. I lost some weight, like 5lbs, between the first post and the second set of pics. Was hoping it would fit better. Guessing I should try a 40r same cut?
Same jacket. Different lighting. Still no good?[/spoiler]38R Hudson [[SPOILER]]
Does the lighting/editing make it look worse perhaps?
X post
X post. Looking for feedback.
How's the fit? Suit Supply 38. Do I need a 40r?iPhone pics but I played around with the editing function to increase light/exposure. [[SPOILER]]
Is there a US address to send clothing to be replicated? Website only notes INdia address
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