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Academic = teacher? [[SPOILER]]
Welcome! Do you have a BM location?
Are those shirt choices decent? What recs for the white dress shirt collar?
OK. You posted up pics before on here? How tall are you btw?
I checked the google doc. Is it #7 collar - Hidden buttown down?
hmm good point. I used to be 6FT but now 5 11
Kamakura collar - has anyone gotten this puppy replicated to the T?
Thanks for helping out TweedsIf you don't mind, measurements for both collars would be greatI am going to cross post in the luxire and look to see if Kamakura has been replicated.
@TweedyProfHave you ever measured your collars as below? If so, would love to see the measurements and see if I can recreate with Luxire. [[SPOILER]]
noted. will go square. Ordering five shirts from luxire - will mostly be worn casual i.e. either with jeans untucked or with trousers without tie +/- sportcoat. One white dress shirt. I don't have any linens and this is what I had in mind. Are these good versatile choices? My current shirt collection has about 3-4 blue/sky blue shirts, 5+ banana republic shirts mostly with white as the base and some sort of blue stripes/checks. 1. White dress shirt - can use it...
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