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put it on the tab!
I hear ya. Do your recs for the shirts change after reviewing my current shirts? Ellesbc also posted some patterns from luxire that look nice. Currently have two pants (grey and charcoal) and the shirts above. I plan to get more pants that fit well in this order : mid gray, light gray, light brown/gray mix, gray flannel, brown flannel, tan/cream
So I will ditch the black white gingham. Keep the white Oxford. That leaves 4 fabrics to be had.
My current collection. May have some more sky blue lying around but this is the majority
Any recs for fabrics that are perhaps "better" or more versatile?
Congrats! What kind of school if you don't mind sharing?Lincoln center is a great place - I ran into Spike Lee there once at some show.
Shirt Fabrics:1. White oxford [[SPOILER]] 2. Blue University Stripes Linen [[SPOILER]] 3. LINEN_WHITE_BLUE_WINDOWPANE [[SPOILER]] 4. JAK_CT_LN_BLUE_04 [[SPOILER]] 5. Black white gingham [[SPOILER]]
looks similar to Wayfarer
Any comments on the 5 shirts fabrics I selected?
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