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Picked up two gray pants as per Clags input. Epaulet - 1x Slim Walt Trouser Dove Grey Hopsack Wool - 32 and Slim Walt Trouser Medium Grey Super 120's Wool - 33How's the fit? They have to be hemmed and the mid gray 33 needs to be taken in the waist a little. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Did you point in the wrong direction?Re suit : looks nice!
X-post from WAYWRN thread [[SPOILER]]
My David Reeves MTM Tuxedo. Looking for feedback. Thanks.
Tell me about it...i did exactly this (walking in and not being particular) with MTM and the results were very disappointing
Stan I like the first pic better. The second pic looks like both of your legs can fit inside one of those leg holes. I have some pants like your #2 as well - BB Madison fit trousers. They drape well but they look huge from the knee down. Will post some pics. On another, I picked up two epaulet trousers this weekend and met Mike as well. Good guy.
Will slowly be transitioning to wearing SCs more often so a white shirt will be in the rotation
Cuffs and forearms are not tight. Not sure what is causing the elbow bunching...I did ask about the bicep bunching : "We can make the biceps cleaner by increasing the sleeve cap (difference between bicep and armhole measurements) but, it can severely impact movements"Will be decreasing yoke by 0.25" and increasing sleeves by almost an inch.
Does SuSu post detailed measurements of their pants online? I tried on some LaSpalla size 32 and they fit decent. Can these pant be had separate? Do they carry something with similar fit?
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