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First pair of trial pants. Comments on fit and what to improve? Crotch and butt area doesn't look clean. Will request an increase in rise by an inch and decrease leg opening next time. [[SPOILER]]
@Darkside What made you go with PC?
When I visited, they did not have hopsack in my size. If they did, I would have bought. I want to try in person before springing for an online purchase.
I was also surprised how well the SS jackets fit OTR.
Thanks. I figured so - trying to make pants from body measurements seems like a hit or miss. I wonder if anyone has had success.
First navy sportcoat: yay or nay?
Anyone comment on the results achieved from sending in pants body measurements?
Which one is more versatile?
@ShawnBC Yes measuring trousers can be tricky. I am sure with time the fits will improve. Your build is very similar to my dad and I am wondering if it would better to go with body measurements as opposed to measuring a pair of pants. I am not sure how Luxire makes the pant based on body measurements though. They literally just ask for exact measurements - I am guessing they base the rest on whether one wants slim vs medium vs loose fit.
Shawn - afraid I can't help much with your questions, but how did you order these? Sending in pants to replicate or body measurements? Ashish knows his stuff and I am sure others will chime in with input as well.
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