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Shoot me a message if you have one for sale. Thanks.
My first MTM proper cloth shirt. I actually went in to get measured. Shirt has been washed once. ThoughtS? It seems my shoulders are bit uneven and this causes some pulling on the right side - true? Is it me or does it look like there is too much bunched up material in the upper arms? Is the length too short - seems a bit on the short side... I have their "fit guarantee" - what should I change to make it fit better?
These are all old pants that I had lying around and haven't worn in years.The express pants do look okay but they look and feel too tight in the seat/crotch area. These were bought years ago. I guess I can go back in express and see if they have something similar in a bigger waist.Can I take some of these in and have them tapered ?Any particular brands of trousers for someone like me ? I tried on zanella Todd and they fit similar to the first mabitex pic.
Thanks. Squats and milk - o ya Should I try salvaging any of these or just throw them out to start fresh? Where can I go to get decent mtm or bespoke pants in the 100-200 range in or around nyc? I need at least 3 to 4 to rotate for the week.
Go MTM. Try the various ones talked about here on SF.
Thanks. Called and confirmed. It is the same policy if you special order.
Anyone know the Nordstrom return or exchange policy for a special order shoe? I am thinking of getting a shoe that they have to order from Allen edmonds.
Just found today that I will start working a new gig in about 3-4 weeks. Hospital environment - clinic setting - ties are not mandatory but your choice - business casual or super dressy if you'd like. Previous gigs have all been wearing scrubs so I really need to get it together! I am in the NYC area so can purchase things pretty easily. I have not purchased any dressy clothes in ages as I have had no need for them, but I do have a stash of old ones. I will try to keep...
How are these holding up for you? Any shrinkage after washing or stretching with wear?I now realize that everyime I sit with these on I get horizontal creasing at the fork...
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