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I am in the market for a new car and need some input from you gentleman. I live in the ny/nj area and commute around 50 miles daily. Don't have to get it right now - can wait a few months. Initially, due to the snowy winters, I was looking specifically for an all-wheel drive car and Audi A5 seemed to fit the bill. However, a friend of mine told me dire stories about his A4 and it changed my outlook. The new Porsche truck is due out soon and it seems okay. ...
Off topic, but are you wearing the same shoe in all of the pics? And if so, what kinda shoes? I like em!
Should I get a pair of RED WING 'Wabasha' chukkas in Rust brown w/ the Leather and rubber boat sole (white)? I am looking for boots to rock with jeans. I am not sure about these b/c of the white sole....what do you guys think?
What's your built like? Height? Shoulders? Chest width? Different jackets fit differently and I am trying to gauge if these will fit me.
Gonna hit up St Maarten for three days in the following week. Going with GF and only have a ticket...where do you guys recommend we stay? Thread has great info...anything else anyone wants to add i.e. must eat restaurants, etc. etc.
I'll take the spanish. Let me know the details.
Quote: Originally Posted by KPO89 Might have one or two in cream white...maybe some other colors. The store didn't get a shipment this week so they are running a little low on inventory. Would it be possible to see what colors are left? I'd like to pick one up (preferably in navy or cool charcoal). Thanks.
Still have those medium cashmere crewneck sweaters? If so, what color?
I wear a size 30 in APC Rescue. Will these fit or too big?
In the market for a nice pen. Rather it be new than used. Fountain pen preferred but I am willing to entertain others as well.
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