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Where is this attack you speak of?
Need alternatives to blue jeans for casual wear. Have tan chinos and black jeans.
Interesting choice for a name "wetogether". Is it wet together or we together?
Is it the girth or the length that matters?
did your girth increase?
I always wonder what @Gerry Nelson is looking at in his sideways poses
Thanks fellas. I reached out to luxire as well. I will see if he can make it to a tailor or I may just put in for another trial. Code: 1. We need to adjust the pants for inward arch of the legs. If you look at the images, the pants are "touching" on the inside of the legs. 2. The hips and thighs need to be balanced with the change above. 3. The back-rise needs to be increased at the crotch slightly. There a few other changes as well which we will make while modifying...
These were from body measurements. He dropped weight and his previous trousers were not well fitting any more. Thanks for the input.
Ideas on how to improve?
These are the only pics I snapped of him with the trousers. I sent luxire an email as well for feedback.
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