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This is all they had in a Rain 9UK.The 8.5UK was almost uncomfortably snug, but the SA insisted this was my size and it would break in. He wasn't being pushy - nice guy actually.
Does a chukka sizing translate into a non-chukka sizing? Also, they all fit, but I am trying to get an idea of an ideal fit.
X-post from Carmina thread. Perhaps someone can chime in here.
Will next time.So I drive in to NYC and am excited to visit CJ store. Come to find out CJ closes at 6PM!!!! What kind of retail establishment closes at 6PM?!?!?!? I guess I should have checked the website for store hours, but 6PM? You gotta be kidding me...
@LA Guy What is your next destination for work related travel?
How much can one expect carmina calf to stretch? I tried on some Carmina Rain cap toes in 8.5UK today. The shoe fit very snug with thin socks, esp in the vamp/upper throat area. Length was okay. SA mentioned the shoes will eventually stretch after a few hours of wear and he thinks this is my size. Thoughts? No 9UK Rain last was available in shoes - but I did try on a 9UK chukka and it fit. 9.5UK had significant heel slippage in shoes.
How do you see 393.75? I put in the coupon "extra15" and am getting 446.
Going today to try on in person. Wonder if my eye can tell the difference between hand grade vs main
What's your budget?
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