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I wear a size 30 in APC Rescue. Will these fit or too big?
In the market for a nice pen. Rather it be new than used. Fountain pen preferred but I am willing to entertain others as well.
Title says it all. Thanks!
pm sent
How many times have the sugarcanes been worn? Washed?
Quote: Originally Posted by fkl118 I don't have an Aspinal wallet, but I have ordered some and given them out as gifts. They are very good quality for the price. You can get one for cheap from Aspinal's ebay store, if you don't mind the spelling mistake: http://cgi.ebay.com/Aspinal-of-Londo...742.m153.l1262 Has anyone ordered one of these wallets with the spelling mistake? Where and with what color exactly is it engraved and how...
Just wondering if someone would be interested in a 1K or about 1K bloomingdale's gift card at around $800ish. Have a friend who has one but doesn't know what to do with it and rather than put it on e-bay, I would prefer one of the gentleman here to get their hands on it. Let me know. Thanks!
thanks for all the advice gentleman!! Well what do ya know? My dad has tons of pocketsquares laying around that he doesn't wear. I found a silk cream/off white color that seems good. He has others but they are bold and colorful. One is a deep red with a navy outlines. I like that one a lot too. The shoes that I have are like these in color: http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/cat...ctGroup=151430 I also found a checkered pink and navy/purple tie. It is pretty...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy NY or NJ area, try any Nordstrom, Bloomingdales or similar dept store. Don't let them sell you a white cotton hankie, stick to the white linen. It will probably be about 12 x 12" As far as a tie, why not wear a nice striped tie in fun colors along with your white shirt. Add the white PS and you will be looking good! sounds good. i think i will go ahead with that combo. so navy suit + white...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Get one. White linen. They don't cost much and women will compliment you on it, guaranteed. from where?
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