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do you guys shave your legs?
Is it blasphemy to wear boat shoes in fall?
He can only be @Roycru if he has a stranger take his picture while wearing the madras sc
Carry on carry on @Gerry Nelson
@Bureaucrat Not a heavy hitter, but the pants look like there is excess fabric in the front crotch area. Maybe some can chime in and suggest on how to alter or perhaps you can run it by SuSu
@novaeagle Did you hear back from Luxire? Ashish is usually very good at making recs. I am also in the process of getting pants altered for Dad.
What is the diff between chino vs moleskin? From my limited understanding, moleskin is a heavier cotton, while chinos lightweight. Are they same on the spectrum of casual wear i.e. is one more casual? So I will be looking for shades of tan and brown, maybe even navy, in moleskin and chinos. Will be wearing with mostly blue or various patterned blue or bluish shirts.
Will check out bloomies and BB. What colors are versatile for these types of trousers? So used to dark blue and black.
Any recommended brands for chinos and moleskin trousers? Preferably something I can try on in person. Not a fan of corduroy
@Cao Cao so did I
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