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Thanks for the replies! imschatz: I would be interested in the dive bars! As far as the gf goes, that's another story...but I would still like to know which are some decent ones for just in case... pscolari: Ames is coming to about 200ish/night - a little on the high side. Also looked at Westin - about 450 for two nights. Sonesta is 415/two nights.... Not too familiar with location of the hotels, so I am not sure which one we will be going with. Perhaps you can give us...
Just an update : I really like the new AUDI S4 that will debut soon! I live with my fam and my dad thinks it is wicked silly to spend that much money on a car if it's not a Benz. Call it old school or call it silly, but in his eyes the benz is a status symbol like none other. Maybe I ought to just get the E350 (or rather E550 if I can afford to) in 4matic....
My gf and I are going to Boston for the weekend. We are leaving this Friday night and coming back Sunday. We have never been to Boston and would like help on planning the weekend. As far as hotels, I was thinking of staying at the Ames Hotel in Boston. We don't really want to spend too much on the hotel. What are some must do things and must visit places while in Boston? Also, what are some good restaurants? Sight seeing? Etc. etc.
OOps actually the boxster s is almost 60! WTF?
Sweet. How about a new porsche boxster "S"? It is less than 50K, looks different and is porsche BUT is it really better than the new 2011 BMW 335is? BMW are a dime a dozen - almost everyone around here has one.
Keep the info coming! How reliable are porsches in terms of owning for long term? I am thinking maybe I can get a used one and just finance it....their old models don't look different from the newer editions.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/08-C4...item27b0b8a441
Any links to that LV above? I wear scrubs at work and need something super slim! I carry max of 5 cards and some cash. The only problem is that I lug around a police badge (courtesy of my buddy) and it is made of metal and is a bit thick.... What to get?!
No love for the new jags? Also, how would a rear wheel MB E350/500 coupe fair in shitty weather?
Thanks for the advice and keep it coming! I haven't read anyone say anything about the new Jaguars. What's the word on these?
Appreciate all the responses. Currently I alternate between 2007 Lexus RX and 2009 Honda Accord for my daily commute. I actually commute from NJ via the city into Brooklyn daily (crazy right). I also do frequent the city often. As for my wants, I am looking for a daily commuter with a little kick, especially in terms of being a fun drive. Ideally, if I had the $$, I would get one of those sweet Porsches with an all wheel drive (i.e. targa 4, etc). Does an all wheel...
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