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Do any of you ever purchase shades from ebay? I am looking at seller "cocedka" - seems to have good feedback and sells glasses exclusively. Good idea or no no?
Anyone buy shades from www.thesunglasshouse.com or know about the reputability of the site? Thanks.
I am in the market for some prada shades and wanted to get them for cheaper online. Searching around, I realized there are tons of fake prada shades floating around. Where can I get authentic shades online from a reputable place?
Yes I meant fingers instead of wrist in the original post....Any comments on whether I should take the waist in a half an inch or so?
Picked up this suit from another member here. I am trying to decide whether the jacket length is too short. The traditional thinking is to have the jacket length the same as your curled up wrist. This jacket is a tad short by those standards, but it does cover my behind. I am also on the fence about whether I should have the waist suppressed by a half inch or so. Excuse the crappy pics as all I had at the time was a phone. Thoughts/comments/knock-knock jokes/?
Polarized? What's the retail on these?
Do you carry any polarized pieces in oliver peoples or rayban?
Let me know if you got some !
Are these yours? If so, how much use? Authentic?
how much use? scratches?
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