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Cuffs and forearms are not tight. Not sure what is causing the elbow bunching...I did ask about the bicep bunching : "We can make the biceps cleaner by increasing the sleeve cap (difference between bicep and armhole measurements) but, it can severely impact movements"Will be decreasing yoke by 0.25" and increasing sleeves by almost an inch.
Does SuSu post detailed measurements of their pants online? I tried on some LaSpalla size 32 and they fit decent. Can these pant be had separate? Do they carry something with similar fit?
At the present, I usually wear shirts without a jacket and wearing a white shirt without a jacket just seems...off? Perhaps it is just me, but I haven't been able to pull off wearing a white shirt well without a jacket/SC of some sort. I currently have two - one fits okay, while the other does not. I will be getting at least one or two more for situations as your described.
Re: proper cloth vs Luxire I have tried PC in the past - even gone to their BM location to get fitted. Did two shirts with two fittings and they came out so so. I liked PC because they were super fast. I took one PC shirt, wore it, asked for advice on here and from Luxire - the result from luxire was a much better fit.
I will stick with one or two white shirts for now
My latest Luxire shirt. Fits okay and will make the following changes.Changes after d/w luxire will be :1. decrease shoulder slope by 0.25"2. adjust for forward shoulders by 0.25"3. decrease the waist at the back by 1.0"4. reduce the yoke by 0.25"Will also adjust lengthBut good point - I will go with one for now and see how it fits with the above tweaks for now. [[SPOILER]]
put it on the tab!
I hear ya. Do your recs for the shirts change after reviewing my current shirts? Ellesbc also posted some patterns from luxire that look nice. Currently have two pants (grey and charcoal) and the shirts above. I plan to get more pants that fit well in this order : mid gray, light gray, light brown/gray mix, gray flannel, brown flannel, tan/cream
So I will ditch the black white gingham. Keep the white Oxford. That leaves 4 fabrics to be had.
My current collection. May have some more sky blue lying around but this is the majority
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