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Anyone know how the Alfred Sergeant 87 last compares to the CJ Tetbury last in terms of sizing?
Wear jeans often, so wouldn't want entry level. Rather get something nice that lasts. Any partic style in rogue territory? How much they run?
What kind of jeans do you guys wear? I have a pair of APC Rescue and I want to get another. Called APC and they don't make them anymore. Any recommendations for something with a similar fit?
I have one and it just feels uncomfortable. Thinking of adding another in a fabric that does not irritate. Looking hard for moleskin chinos, but nowhere to be found in BM locations . Ended up getting a thick cotton twill BB chino in milano fit. BB said they haven't had moleskin trousers for about 5 or so years.
Do any of your wear turtlenecks? I never liked the look.
Will check those out. How does that Loake size when compared to Carmina Rain or CJ? Re AE Dundee - not a fan. Have seen them in persona and they are a bit...chunky? Any recs for fall sweaters to be worn in the Northeast? Mostly will wear casual
Any recs on chukkas? Looking to wear with jeans, chinos and even occasionally to the office with some dress pants Noddles I have been mia but I just realized you are now ca ca. Tell me the story
Veni you got your Vass sold?
Lol relax I ask b/c a friend of mine is a college football coach and the kids he coaches shave their legs to decrease likelihood of turf burn
hmmm so boat shoes only with shortS?
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