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Nice pic. I will stick with the basics now and try the traditional combos. When not wearing a tie, what shirt collars are optimal with a SC? Why?
Depends on the date. Tweedy what are your thoughts on SC with jeans?
Crisp colored shirt aka sky blue - checklight colored linen pants - don't have, but have khakis?I will take some pics with the above and see what you guys think. Probably in a few days
Should I keep this bad boy or part ways? Perhaps ironing it will make it fit a bit better since it is linen? [[SPOILER]]
Cross post from the WAYRN thread. Would appreciate some feedback about my latest David Reeves MTM. [[SPOILER]]
I can't recall the exact number but between 3-5 fittings.
I took some better pics of the MTM suit.Suit is MTM by David Reeves.Have posted in the WAYWRN thread, but will also cross post in here. Appreciate comments. [[SPOILER]]
My David Reeves MTM - looking for some feedback. Thanks gents
MTM doh
Suede seems...seasonal? Or is it the color of the suede perhaps? I equate a darker shade of suede with fall/winter/cold
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