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Any particular brand? Are these worth shelling out a good amount of $ for since they will rarely be worn?
Ya I was leaning away from wing collars.Any good place that will have all these accessories?
As much as I would like to be dapper and channel my inner iGent for total 0wnage, I figured it would be best to go with something timeless and let my soon to be wife steal the show
Evening. 6PM. I already had a tux commissioned.
What would you wear if you were getting married?
Tying the knot soon and need input on black tie accessories. 1. waistcoat vs cummerbund? 2. wing collar vs turn down collar for shirt? 3/4 inch vs 1/2 inch pleat on shirt? 3. bowtie: semi butterfly 4. patent leather pumps or oxfords? Also, where can I get above?
Like 130
Was thinking patriots with jeans and chinos. Yuck? Really?
ummm...AE Patriots? Yay or nay?
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