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Quote: Originally Posted by SeanathonHuff These have been posted before, but I believe CTK & I both copped these recently. I saw a very similar Dunk that belonged to a friend and liked the way the gum & suede aged, so I decided they were a good purchase. Nike "Be True to Your Street" Anywhere to get them in the states?
My buddy and I have off for 6 days in mid June. We are brainstorming vacay ideas and I wanted to ask you gents for recommendations. We are basically down for whatever, but would like to go somewhere warm and get l a i d. Been to Caribbean a few times but that's about it...any ideas on where to go and the cheapest ticket there?
What do those CPs equate to in a US size?
SO is this the higher end line or the lower end? Are thes polarized?
Whats the material for the boss? Measurements? Thanks.
Are you still selling this watch or what? Check your pms....
Measurements on the J Crew sweaters?
pm sent
Hey marly you got sole pictures for the PS and Baker shoes? And what size do these PS equate to - size 11? PS shows often run narrow so I wanted to clarify. Thanks.
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