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Doable. I can do it
StyleForum Rules >>>> All other rules in all other lands.
archi : I can't read all that. Gimme a summary. Edit - NVM. I read it. No need for summary.
Dubai, India?
Quite offensive to call these majestic mannequins "dummies". Dummies are lower end creations used in crash test cars or in medical environments where they are constantly thumped/pumped.
Done. Exchanged for a 33.
Or should I just exchange for a 33 in the hopsack as well and just have the waist taken in like less than 0.5"?Going into NYC today and maybe be able to get it done today if you guys advise.
Keep both?Besides hem - tailor anything else?
Don't recall exactly but around 4 or so
Trying to get pants to fit me like a Murl fit
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