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Whats the material for the boss? Measurements? Thanks.
Are you still selling this watch or what? Check your pms....
Measurements on the J Crew sweaters?
pm sent
Hey marly you got sole pictures for the PS and Baker shoes? And what size do these PS equate to - size 11? PS shows often run narrow so I wanted to clarify. Thanks.
More ideas please!!
Not a fan of cordoroy but today saw some joseph abboud cords for $40 that fit perfect and were taupe colored. Now that I already have them, I am thinking it may not have been wise! What goes well with cords besides sweaters?
@mkarim: I have black AE monks already. Also, I have a some ferragamos in more or less the burgundy/dark brown color with a strap. I have to admit that the BB you posted do look good. @cioni2k: thanks for the suggestions. Any stores in NYC maybe will have those VE derbies? Also, what do you guys think about RM william boots? Good for daily wear? Okay to go out in?
I am in the market for two shoes. I want black shoes that I can wear to go out with jeans + sportcoat - I have some black ones but they are way too dressy. Looking for some loafers preferably that are sort of a mix between casual + formal yet can be worn any day with jeans + sweater. I also need some black or dark colored sneakers that are not overly athletic looking with random symbols all over them. What do you guys recommend?
New Posts  All Forums: