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Making things simpler for simple folk.
Is mid-olive considered an old man color? Trying to see if I should cop. Sale at bb.Would work with navy or pinkish polo
What color shirts go well with mid-olive colored chinos? Burgundy colored shoe-wear seem to match well with olive chinos.
Night out
Why does his jacket have ripples around shoulders?
Ahh no chukkas at Rider. Would this be a good alternative : http://riderboot.com/shop/moretti-gold-pierre-in-brown-suede/
I tried on APC petit standard - look like stockings on me
Anyone know how the Alfred Sergeant 87 last compares to the CJ Tetbury last in terms of sizing?
Wear jeans often, so wouldn't want entry level. Rather get something nice that lasts. Any partic style in rogue territory? How much they run?
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