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For linen hopsack ecru pants - should I get side adjustors or belt loops?
@wigglr What fabric did you get? Link? I just sent in a pair to be replicated to the OR address. First pants with Luxire. Should be good.
The green as pictured in the above picture
How about "forest" suede? Versatile? Already have chocolate suede chukkas [[SPOILER]]
I already have a pair of CJ Sydney suede loafer.Does it make sense to get a Carmina loafer in the same color and material as below? [[SPOILER]]
How does Rain compare to Soller last? I am 8.5UK in Rain cap toe. Would a chukka 8E Soller fit?
Didn't know this thread existed. Any tips on how not to "buttwink" when squatting? Been doing a shitload of warmups, foams rolls, hip stretches, etc. and even bought some lifting shoes, but most times when I break parallel the sacrum rolls under causing it to "wink" Maybe I am not bracing abs right? Not sure. Even removed all weight where I am just doing the bar, and it still occurs.
You really need to start doing deadlifts
Pain meds are your friend in that situation.
Anyone have measurements for the broke and bespoke model button-down collar?
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