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I am not computer savvy - when you say you "sent those two pics", how do you send?I recently ordered a shirt and all I saw was the "notes" section...where one could type only, I did not see an attach or send link, etc.
How do you relay all this information when you are ordering a shirt?
Ordered my first Luxire shirt! Thanks for the help everyone. Will update when it arrives with fit pics.
How do you send in requests for alterations to Luxire? I want to send a shirt for measurement, but want to specify alterations to the shirt being sent in. Do you just type out what you want in the "notes" section in the cart overview screen or send an email or send it in writing with the shirt being mailed in?
Thanks. Do you add darts to all shirts? I am considering this as I have a significant chest to waist diff.
It looks super strange untucked. When tucked in, it is okay. I feel the shirt on my body, but it is not necessarily uncomfortable.I posted it here : http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/11100_100#post_7221650I do have a wide chest and a small waist, but my dimensions seems really out there esp. if I am trying to wear untcuked.I think the chest looks good in that pic at 21.5, maybe I should let the waist out from 17.5 inch to...
What difference between the chest width, midsection width and bottom width on an untucked shirt looks ideal? I have a shirt with chest at 21.5inch, midsection at 17.5inch and bottom 23inch. The shirt looks good tucked only. If you take it out, it looks really strange...
I am about 5'11" - what is a good shirt length to wear both tucked and untucked? 29inches?
What is Theresa's email? mail@luxire.com? I emailed that address last Friday about a fit question, and no response yet.
Like the shirt as well An Acute Style. How does it fit? I am about a 40-41R with wide shoulders - opt for the large me thinks?
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