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What difference between the chest width, midsection width and bottom width on an untucked shirt looks ideal? I have a shirt with chest at 21.5inch, midsection at 17.5inch and bottom 23inch. The shirt looks good tucked only. If you take it out, it looks really strange...
I am about 5'11" - what is a good shirt length to wear both tucked and untucked? 29inches?
What is Theresa's email? mail@luxire.com? I emailed that address last Friday about a fit question, and no response yet.
Like the shirt as well An Acute Style. How does it fit? I am about a 40-41R with wide shoulders - opt for the large me thinks?
I believe I understand what you are getting at.So, if one specifies a decrease only in the ankle opening, Luxire leaves the knee measurement as it is, and then tapers the are in-between (lower leg area) to the new ankle opening OR is there no taper at all, but a rather abrupt decrease from the previous ankle opening to the new smaller ankle opening?
Thanks grenson and monkey. Always good to learn new things. Another question: how are you guys specifying decrease in pants leg/foot opening? I have pants that fit rather well and are candidates for replication except the fact that they have a 9inch leg opening. Let's suppose I wanted to decease this to 8inches - would I have to specify the taper from knee down in exact measurements or is Luxire able to figure it out by reducing incrementally from the knee down?
Ah ok yes. Appears I had the terms "sloping" and "dropped" mixed. Good to know these details. What happens then to someone who has rather the opposite of sloping or very sqaure shoulders?
Thanks. I was being sincere. I will try that. Good to hear about the shipping.
Grenson - your instructions are very clear. I am very impressed with your computer skills. If only I had the computer skills, I could do the same with my shirt pics above dam Edit - just saw your comment about sloping shoulders - doesn't a sloping shoulder cause mismatching of the sleeve length i.e. the sloping sleeve is longer than the non-sloping sleeve and, if so, do you ask for different sleeve lengths on long sleeve shirts?
Do you guys specify the exact tweaks in measurements to Luxire? For example, if I send in the above shirt, I would want to increase the forearm width, decrease the armhole size and/or get a NOBD collar. Would I have to specify how many inches/cm for each? I suppose I can guess the forearm width asking for an inch wider, but the others would be more difficult to objectify.
New Posts  All Forums: