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@emptym What kind of collar is that?
WHat are your thoughts on polo shirts with button down colors?
Will check some of those tailors and see how it goes
Can anyone recommend a good tailor with a "styleforum" eye in NYC? Need to get a jacket altered a little. Afraid to go back to SuSu as they will snatch my jacket and give me two sizes smaller. Happened last time - no joke.
Does Aaron have a "Styleforum" eye? Just curious.
Has anyone gone in person to see KW? How does it work? You try on a trial and then they alter?
How does an Edward Green suede mink silverstone chukka boots compare to the Vass choco suede chukkas? Is it the same color or somewhat different?
How does an Edward Green chocolate suede chukka boots compare to the Vass choco suede chukkas? Does it make sense to get both or too similar?
Thanks Mimo. So various shades of brown in pants as well as denim would be a good match. Re: a burgundy cordovan - still keeping an eye out for these. Does a cordovan plain toe shoes hold up better than regular calf when it comes to creasing?
How versatile is a loden green suede chuuka? What colors does it and does it not go with? Right now I have a navy suede, chocolate suede chukka and light brown suede beat-up chukkas. Trying to decide if I should spring for loden green suede as BS has my size avail.
New Posts  All Forums: