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[So I received that SuSu SC I was discussing earlier. The material is see through.How's the fit? Excuse the terrible pics. Snapped them quick. [[SPOILER]]
Good catch. Get the scum out
My Havana jacket is the same as Lazio jacket in size.
I am surprised to see so many complaints. Sellers should be grateful there are no fees being charged. I am sure Fok and the crew can make some coin, but they are essentially allowing a free market enterprise to self sustain without imposing any fees. I realize transactions can sometimes be frustrating, but I am certain that is the case everywhere. O and let's not derail this thread. Thanks again @Razl!
I'm seeing that as well, but was hoping there is a retailer that I perhaps overlooked.
Meermin? Ya? Over carmina?
What's the cheapest spot to buy carmina shoes?
Yep their online sizing is a bit off http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/clothing/style-tips/how-to-measure-a-jacket/
Anyone have measurements for a 38r Havana and Lazio jacket?
Just need a navy SC. Not a suit.
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