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When you guys are re-ordering and making changes, do you just reference order 12345 and change xyz? Also, I am in the market for a plain white shirt to be worn with a suit - any recs on which luxire fabric?
Agreed.How much longer in length? Another inch longer or more for tucked?Also, for the sleeves, is it better to just put the shirt on unbuttoned, see where it falls, and add the distance to the aforementioned "V" or measure traditionally from my neck down and specify that as the new length?
Thanks gents. I appreciate all of the input. Re the fit : it feels a bit snug in the yoke, but I think I can handle it. I wore it twice so far and I definitely "feel" the shirt, but have no qualms (so far) Re the sleeves : input on how much to lengthen each? Not sure if the pics show, but my right sleeve is 0.5 inches longer due to a right shoulder drop/ Re the length : I think it may be a tad too short to wear tucked? Thoughts on this? I think the length is good...
My first luxire shirt. Laundered about twice. Would appreciate comments on the fit and what changes to make on the next one. Thanks.
David is that MTM intro now live?
What jeans are those bg?
Nice. May get in on this.How many fittings do you usually do for a MTM vs bespoke? Turnaround time for a finished product? What cloth will be offered at this MTM price-point?Do you have pics of finished MTM products on clients? MTM shirts an option?
Will check that out. Budget is pretty open, but trying to see if it makes sense to spend a lot on something that will rarely get use.Wonder if suit supply rents tuxedos for the groomsmen as well...
A friend of mine is getting married in NYC this summer in the evening. I will be his groomsman and he has asked me for some advice regarding his tux. What is the best way to go about acquiring a proper fitted tuxedo for the groom? He really doesn't have a use for it other than maybe 1 or 2 events (even if that ) per year. Options are bespoke vs MTM vs OTR. Thoughts? If going the OTR route, what is a good place to shop for a tux and then where is a good place to get it...
New Posts  All Forums: