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Thanks. Emailed. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Ahhhhhhh anyway to get it in last minute? I got 5 shirts my cart!!
Is the LINEN_COTTON_SALE still working? I tried and it didn't go
Hey Luxire - where do I enter the linen code for 20% off?
Also, any suggestions on how to get rid of that bunched cloth around my bicep/armpit area? Luxire - when is that linen sale ending? I want to make some corrections to the above shirt and buy a few linen
Anyone have darts put in on shirts? If so, how did you specify?
How do we do this?
Thanks.I did reach out to luxire. The rec was darts...how would they go about putting darts? hmmm
My latest luxire shirt. Suggestions on what/how to improve? I am thinking of decreasing the yoke by 0.25inch. The lower back still has a lot of cloth - could this be fixed by decreasing back waist by 0.5 inch? Length okay for wearing untucked? I am looking to snag some line cotton blends - should I size differently than a regular shirt?
You the man!On another note - if anyone wants to unload size 11 anything, I am the man
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