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Will check those out. How does that Loake size when compared to Carmina Rain or CJ? Re AE Dundee - not a fan. Have seen them in persona and they are a bit...chunky? Any recs for fall sweaters to be worn in the Northeast? Mostly will wear casual
Any recs on chukkas? Looking to wear with jeans, chinos and even occasionally to the office with some dress pants Noddles I have been mia but I just realized you are now ca ca. Tell me the story
Veni you got your Vass sold?
Lol relax I ask b/c a friend of mine is a college football coach and the kids he coaches shave their legs to decrease likelihood of turf burn
hmmm so boat shoes only with shortS?
do you guys shave your legs?
Is it blasphemy to wear boat shoes in fall?
He can only be @Roycru if he has a stranger take his picture while wearing the madras sc
Carry on carry on @Gerry Nelson
@Bureaucrat Not a heavy hitter, but the pants look like there is excess fabric in the front crotch area. Maybe some can chime in and suggest on how to alter or perhaps you can run it by SuSu
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