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Hate to break up this very interesting discussion but any thoughts on that Thomas Pink tux shirt? Pink also carries a bow tie for about 100.
Tuxedo shirt - ya? Tried on today and it fit okay for a RTW shirt in a 15. Link : http://www.us.thomaspink.com/Marcella-Evening-Super-Slim-Fit-Double-Cuff-Shirt/Evening-Shirts/thomas-pink/fcp-product/99920821#filters=!$FIT!super+slim+fit+shirts
I wear a 11 to 11.5 in Nike Free 4.
UK 9 Rain I actually never tried on. SA only had 8.5UK which was very very snug in a captoe oxford. 9.5UK I had heel slippage. 9UK in Rain 2 eyelet chukka seemed okay, but not sure how that translates into other shoes.
I am going soon to get my foot measure on brannock again. last I checked it was 10.5 - 11.CJ is for sure as I was just there.
Looking for input on VASS F sizing. I have a normal to wide foot. CJ 341 last I can take a 8.5UK snug. Carmina rain last UK9. Branock around 10.5 I am thinking size 43 may do the trick. Thoughts?
As per the CJ SA, Barney's carries US sizing. However, I would call Barney's and confirm.
How does a 341 last translate into a 348 last? I fit a 341 last Sidney 8.5E UK pretty snug. What would this be in a 348 last Tetbury?
On another note, I drove over to NYC and knocked on NMWA door - address found online. Plan was to try on VASS and some other stuff. Met a young fella and he said it was a warehouse only
For education purposes, can you explain what else makes for a strong shoulder if not padding?
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