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Why are there some guys talking about some irrelevant stuff in this thread? We don't want anything that has nothing to do with Yoox code and sales.
IQuote: I doesn't work for me either. I am in the US as well. I need a free shipping code.
Also, I didn't even see a link to activate premium newsletter. Could somebody post a link?
$30 per month seems a lot for me. The premium newsletter needs to help me save $360 a year to just make me break-even.
I never received any news or promotion emails from Yoox and I actually subscribe Yoox news and promotion emails. Why? Anybody can help?
I am looking for a code!
This morning, I found a code "festivus@yoox" for iPad orders. However, it was expired on 12/31/11.
I am surprised to see the free shipping over $200 is gone as well. What yoox is thinking now?
I am looking for some sort of Happy New Year code.
Any new code yet? It is already 30th. 
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