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Hey guys, for anyone who didn't receive their jackets, follow the advice in this thread and call your credit card company.   I called TD (been a visa cardholder with them for 7 years) and explained what happened and was able to receive a $300 CAD bill credit on my next statement for my ToJ0 purchased in Oct 2013. This was on the fourth try in a two week span and the person on the phone said I'm out of luck the first three attempts. Not the full amount but it's something....
ayy checking thread for the first time in two weeks. october 2013 toj0 order... still no jacket as expected. 
First time posting in this thread so sorry if I'm asking the wrong things.    Been sending emails to the ToJ address regarding the updated status of my order and haven't gotten a reply in almost four months (Oct 23rd). I ordered a ToJ0 on Oct 20th 2013 and the last email said there are 4 batches of ToJ0s in front of mine. The last John Coppidge website update said the ToJ0s were being sent out as a group soon? Can anyone clarify?   Also has anyone gotten a reply back...
Hey guys, I have been itching to get a ToJ jacket for a LONG time (couple years) and finally have the disposable income ready to get a jacket made. I need to get my measurements taken for ordering purposes. Does anyone in the Toronto area have a tailor suggestion? 
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