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Anyone know anything about this process?  I want to convert my VHS collection, and I know there are machines available to convert VHS to DVD, but I've heard that they only work with homemade VHS tapes, since commercial VHS tapes are all copy-protected -- is that really so?  Is there no way to convert my commercial tapes?
I've started saving part of my CD collection to my hard drive so I can get rid of the CDs and save space. I've been using Real Player, and it's been working well, but I just realized that I've been saving the tracks in RealAudio format by default, and I'm wondering if there's any significant advantage to using another format (MP3 or Windows Media) instead? I have no plans to jump on the iPod bandwagon, so that's not a consideration. I just want to be able to play the...
Quote: I once read that it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't done... I dunno, I'd rather regret not having bought a lovely bespoke suit when I had the chance than regret having selfishly taken an action that ended up hurting a loved one.
Music: Andy Bey - American Song. Jazz standards, performed by a master.
Quote: Is he retarded? has anyone determined this? I believe he simply has a speech (and talent) impediment.
Quote: I've been needlessly cruel and mean to several people, one of which was a former girlfriend.  I still feel very guilty to this day over these things.   The mistakes I make which haunt me are those which have hurt other people.   I've made tons of other mistakes (bad investments, stupid decisions, etc.) but I don't really regret them that much I look at them as just another part of living. It's great to learn from past behavior, and use...
Quote: This person is so impenetrable, I don't think I can ever get her to tell me what she really thinks. Any suggestions?  Reactions?  I might want to use her again. Why on earth would you want to work with her again if basic communication is so problematic?     Are her skills unique?
Quote: The author's next book will be on manners. Or was that 'manors'?  
Yikes, those silicone 'goddesses' just don't do it for me. Diana Krall - She's got jazz piano chops like a muthafucka, she has a voice that can bend you to her will. And she can sport a snarl that dares you to kiss it off. I'll even forgive her for marrying Elvis Costello. Vanessa Williams and Brooke Shields - not least because while the early tawdriness of their careers could have easily led them down the oft-travelled path to oblivion, they've fashioned respectable...
The 'Four Weddings' "raining" quote is just wretched. But what about Jack Nicholson in 'As Good As It Gets': "You make me want to be a better man."?   Ugh, that's bad enough on its face, but... spoken by Jack?  JACK?  Has the world gone completely mad?
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