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I did come across that on a James Bond website, but magnoli has no plans to offer again.
I've been trying to find the Tom Ford cardigan that was in Quantum of Solace (http://www.jamesbondlifestyle.com/index_clothing.php?m=cl&g=cl031). Absolutely terrible movie, but the wardrobe was excellent! If anyone has one or knows someone that has one, shoot me a PM. I'd LOVE to take it off your hands! Or does anyone know of a shawl cardigan from a different designer that looks similar?     
  Whiskey stones are a very interesting idea, and I would personally use them while drinking a Canadian whiskey or something of that sort. However, I would never chill scotch. Watering down scotch also isn't a big deal seeing as many seasoned scotch drinkers will occasionally add a splash of water to a glass. It allows you to cut the bite and enjoy the more subtle and complex flavors.    For under $50, I personally don't think anything will beat Glenmorangie 10...
New Posts  All Forums: