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Wifey told me that the only time a shirt should be tucked into jeans, is when the guy is wearing a jacket or vest.  Otherwise he looks like a farm hand.
I don't necessarily agree with the autho, but one thing I notice is the lack of events requiring a suit in american social life.  An american male can go through life today only wearing a tuxedo for their wedding and/or funeral.  Social affairs are almost never black tie anymore and even churches have gone casual with even clergy rarely wearing suits.  Remember casual Fridays, anyone?    One benefit today, is being the only man in a suit makes it much easier to pick...
You make a great point. This is a hobby, and aesthetics should play a role.  I am part owner of a hifi shop in Rhode Island and I never push expensive cables, but it not right for me to poo poo on someones desire to own expensive cables with pretty connectors.  
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