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Totally stoked about this lol!
Anyone have a good suggestion for inserts(high arch foot) that works well with the W1K boot?
Will melting the wax in the can and applying it that way work? I am kind of scared to hold a lighter to my boots.
Can anyone point me in the direction of some good pre-made searches(ebay) for high end Men's dress shoes? I use to have some for suits..shirts and shoes but seem to have lost the bookmark. Right now I am only looking at Allen Edmonds and Aldens used on Ebay because my budget is about 100$ right now for this pair. If any of you guys could suggest for some other brands for me to search or a pre-made search that would be awesome.
Your brown W1Ks was what I was referencing to getting the same results whenever you waxed them. Sorry, I should have quoted in the other post. I was wondering what you did to get your results here.   These are my browns after being oiled and sitting over night. I am going to follow your advice and give them another coat of oil before I waterproof them. I LOVE MESSING WITH THESE BOOTS LOL
Come to find out that my buddy did Oil them when he first bought them with some Obes. They weren't as stiff as the picture made them out to be. However, they were very dusty and grimy. The pictures above are after I brushed them and cleaned them with some saddle soap. I could already tell a difference and see some life spark into them! Have a huge dent in the toe box but I am not too worried about it a little bit of character! I am going to apply a little coat of...
Yeah..he let these get in rough condition. We both got a pair at the same time and I tried to warn him to oil and WP them! So this is about a year of wear doing neither and not cleaning that much either. Thanks Crane! I will post pics here in a few days after I baby them up!
  I just inherited these Brown 1Ks from a buddy of mine. I don't believe they have ever been oiled or waterproofed. What steps do I need to take in order to restore them? I have a pair of Rust W1k and I am familiar with Cranes Method of oiling and waterproofing. Should I take a brush and try to knock this dirt off and then oil them? I saw up above that Crane used some #8 cream to rejuvenate his. Could anybody give me a little help on what I should do with...
I am looking for a jean similiar to the fit of a Levi 508? Can anyone give me any suggestions. I love the taper on the 508 and if I order a size larger in waist then I normally do I have the perfect amount of room in the seat and thighs.   I do have some cons with the Levi 508.   - I  hate how large the back pockets are on my 508 and how low they are. It looks like I am sagging no matter how high I wear them.   Look foward to hearing your suggestions
Most in this thread are going to consent that to get the most out of your boots you should oil them and waterproof them as well. You should check amazon for obes oil and leather preserver. That's what I did. However, supply may be different since I am in the states.
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