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Is the J Crew 484 slimmer than Urban Slim? Any idea on the leg openings of these two different fits?
Hey, is this pair of park avenues a solid buy on ebay for $100. Has brand new heels, and looks to be in good condition besides that. What do you think?
Hi, been looking for a casual jacket similar to this. The only difference I would like is something black or brown, not white. Any suggestions?  
anybody know the leg openings on both the Gio and the Gio Skinny? Can't find it on the website.
Been looking for some bit loafers, these are real cheap but would need new soles... worth it?
i'll take both the black v neck and navy crew neck if they're still available
well anyway, does somebody know where i can get boots that are somewhat like that? I really like the look of those.
That link is broken. 
i can't seem to figure out how to actually get these boots. Therefore, i was looking for something similar.
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