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This week is seriously trying to kill me.
Is neither an option without getting drunk at home?Given the choice, though, the Aged Alcoholic Ama'rrites are generally far more entertaining. There was a guy putting billiards pegs up his nose and in his ears last week.
Denmark: Today is the first of November. IDGAF what Tuborg tells you, it is not Christmas yet, take the damned reindeer antlers off.
Just had the best kebab of my life. Apparently the shitty little place behind my house is secretly a gourmet chef. Can't decide whether to go downtown or just hang out in Shithole-City tonight, though.
I'd been wanting one for ages, finally bought one last spring. I have worn it exactly four times. Almost everything I own gets worn at least once every ten days...
Fucking awesome day-trip to Lund. Got to look at ancient manuscripts, touch some old runestones, and take pictures of the Cathedral (I study ancient nordic languages and have a serious interest in medieval architecture). Best day I've had in a long time. Also, Motherfucking kebab!
I would if i could. i'm leaning so i fit in the frame of the mirror and trying to block some of the backlighting, it's the only mirror in the house. If I take the pic during daylight it's backlit, if I take it at night I'm basically invisible. I don't own a camera or a tripod. Got any suggestions?
Have a raincoat on too, so naturally the weather got nice... Barbour barbour h&m on top, naked and famous+zombieclarks on the bottom
haha good one. I might take the troll seriously if I wasn't aware of the SW crowds visceral reaction to anything the don't like.
a) weather on the walk home was nowhere near as bad as forecasted.  b) awesomely productive day in all respects, but especially regarding this insane project I'm working on, that's a presentation on the prosepectus of the paper I'm planning to turn into my thesis because if this hunch works out I may be in line for a doctorate..  c) going to Sweden, which means not in Copenhagen, and also, new country.  WOOT!!
New Posts  All Forums: